Show idea: Spin off technologies


Spin off technologies of space travel , I hear you talking about it almost every week, as a reason why we sould go to mars, and tot the moon. Could you guys do a show about this? Maybe invite someone on the show how can talk about this, maybe investigated what spin of technologies there are, and how we use it every day.


That would make a nice science show.


The Solutions to our problems down here are found out there. Our social and economic problems throughout history have never been solved looking inward but have been solved by pushing boundaries, exploring, and expanding to new territory.

If we wait for our problems down here to be solved we will never go anywhere and nothing will get solved.

But if you’re just looking for a list… Computers, digital cameras, high speed telecommunication, the Internet, numerous materials made for spacecraft, suits, and circuitry, solar panels, weather forecasting, and more recently I think at least 1 osteoporosis drug was developed for people doing long duration flights on ISS.

There’s lots of companies spending large amounts of money to fly experiments to ISS for the express purpose of developing things to benefit us down here.

Most of the satellites orbiting Earth are owned and operated by private companies. As launch prices fall bigger and better things will be launched. So long as government can keep itself restrained with as minimal regulation as possible then we have a bright future. If however treaties and regulations make it impossible for companies to make use of space resources… like what happened with Antarctica… then we won’t have as bright a future.


just watching this currently. first little bit is related.


NASA video about ISS research.

Edit: hmm weird… this was an official NASA video on the NASA youtube channel talking about the thousands of scientific papers and experiments written directly from ISS experiments or being conducted on the ground based off of ISS experiments.


That’s funny because I am 100% against that very idea. If you need to justify a program by its possible spinoffs, then that program is a failure. It’s OK to have spinoffs because of an amazing program, but the actual program itself needs to be able to stand on its own two feet without using the possibility of future tech as a justification.


another official NASA video. Hopefully this one remains up.


Not justification but, more how our space program touches us in our everyday lives.


I think this is a good idea for one show per year, but it’s not big enough to a new program. And i think that NASA is quite coping with this task itself. Take a look this: NASA Spinoff 2018