Send us your Super Blood Wolf Moon pics!


I’m working on creating the rundown for the Space News show per this video:

One topic may be the recent Super Blood Wolf Moon, and I thought it would be fun to include pictures from the community! If you have any, post them here and let me know how you would like your name credited on the photo!



I think the video you put out was a great idea after seeing a lot of recent comments. I’m proud to support you guys even when working through things. Keep it up!

On the topic of the Super Blood Wolf Moon, I wasn’t able to get any shots here in Straya but I saw this on Instagram and was amazed! Cole Rise on Instagram: “super moon super zoom! changing the focal length over a five second exposure gets some interesting results”



Sounds like the perfect ‘fix’ looking forward to see how it turns out. I do love how you always try and improve … sometimes things don’t work an that’s all good. After all things in Science and Space flight don’t always work. I do think the worst thing you could do is stagnate TMRO is dynamic and friendly :slight_smile:



I agree – But it is easy to get comfortable. That comfort is what ends up being the total demise of an entity though. Always be improving. Always.



Moon Eclipse: saw it live with eyeballs, so no pics.

TMRO Strategy: full steam ahead! Good job changing course. Inertia is always a barrier to any change, so sometimes you need a heavy rudder to make the ship turn towards the port you desire. All good!



In case you didn’t know, those 5 points did indeed come straight out of our strategy doc! Thanks to you we had something to lean on!



Names for the space news show:

TMRO Today

What’s Up Space

TMRO Weekly



TMRO Today / TMRO Now
Don’t include the word “space” so you can use the same session for either :Space or :Science (or :Tech or :Cities) depending on the meaningful news events of the week, as needed.

Yep… @JohnnySpacer beat me to the “TMRO Today” name here in Community :grinning:



TMRO Downlink (someone beat me to it on YouTube)
“This is DSN”



Just wanted to say maybe more moon stuff?



Hi there. Don’t you guys think that we have enough information about the Moon and it is time to explore Mars or something else?:thinking:



There’s lots of pictures of the moon’s surface sure, but our ability to look at the composition and the substrate is still quite limited. Even after Apollo, the current area of moon that has been visited is pretty much 0%. I expect there’s still lots of discoveries waiting for us there.

That being said, Mars is far more likely to be habitable in the long term. Plus, there’s plenty to discover on that planet as well.

In short… “why not both?”

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