Searching for the secrets of Bennu - Orbit 11.48


Xtronaut Chief Science Officer and Principle Investigator for the OSIRIS-Rex mission Dante Lauretta joins us to talk about NASA’s Mission to Bennu as well as his new STEM card game on Kickstarter: Downlink - Downlink: The Game of Planetary Discovery by Dante Lauretta - Xtronaut Enterprises —Kickstarter


  • Soyuz FG | Soyuz MS-11
  • Falcon 9 | SSO-A
  • Ariane 5 | GSAT-11
  • Falcon 9 | CRS-16
  • Long March 2D | SaudiSat 5A and 5B
  • Long March 3B | Chang’e 4

Space News:

  • Moist Mysteries from Space
  • Russia to the Moon by 2040
  • New Planets


Was this a new record 6 launch minutes?

A very good TMRO guest selection! A great mix of a) hard data on Bennu/OSIRUS and, b) inspiring opportunities.

My weekend chores continue to fall behind…


I do believe this is the longest launch minute we’ve had since introducing it.