Reverse Interview



What do you think about the idea of having an interview with Tim Dodd where it was reversed, so he is interviewing all of you instead of all of you interviewing him?


That sounds like a good idea, as like a one off perhaps?


That was my thoughts. It would give us an opportunity to learn more about the crew of TMRO from an interview perspective.


I agree. If this could happen I think that’d be awesome :grinning:


HA! I feel like that would be a weird crashing of Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronauts channel though?


I know that podcasters will do “swapcasts” where the do a podcast together then post it on both podcast sites. This is done to introduce both audiences to the “other” podcast. TMRO kind of did this when Issac Arthur was a guest.


Figure if anyone could do it justice, Tim Dodd would!


I would agree. I think Tim has a good understanding on many different subjects in the space industry, so that’s why he would be a great person to ask the right questions.


Tim has a nice interview style, so that would be interesting.