Reutilized F9 & FH Fairings


The geometry of F9 and FH fairings are near ideal for reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. I don’t know if this is possible, but if the fairings can be carried into orbit before they are released perhaps the could pick up cargo that needs to be returned to Earth.



They would need a breaking motor and possibly attitude control. Also they’d need a way to grasp their payload. All this would eat into the max payload to LEO for the rocket as a whole (by quite a lot). So… maybe for flights that are well under max payload, like the ISS resupply missions (which usually are about 6 tonnes below max).

I also have to question whether the fairings can survive reentry from orbital speeds (especially when carrying extra mass). Normally they are dropped at 2500 m/s, which is quite a lot less energy than the 7000-8000 m/s of orbital speed.


Yeah I dont think they would survive a real reentry…

Unless its enhanced with some heat shielding… The payload itself can have the mounting brackets and reentry guidance electronics… (and the associated weight) I guess it could work :slight_smile: as a service… LOL space X just have these floating around in orbit… anyone who wanted the service just meet up with one and send it down !


I figure there would have to be some major modifications like a heat shield, propulsion and guidance systems. These fairings are so large it is ashamed not to find alternative uses for them.