Questions for Dr. Tamitha Skov


Just in case I can not watch the TMRO live show on 2019-02-23, I thought I would post some possible questions for Dr. Tamitha Skov, in hopes that they might be included in the show.

  1. What kinds of impact does Space Weather have? eg: power grid, radio, electronics failures, etc, or any direct impact on the human body?

  2. Historically (or pre-historically) has Space Weather been suggested as the cause of any biological extinction events?

  3. I love the delivery and pace you use for Space Weather on your channel. What kinds of decisions did you make when thinking of best ways to deliver this information to the general public? (eg: dry technical vs visual graphics, etc)

  4. Earth definitely has to contend with Space Weather. Will a future human outpost near Saturn, Jupiter or Mars also have to be as-aware of Space Weather? Or less so?

  5. What kinds of Space Weather do we have to worry about that does not come from our Sun. Or is that even an issue? eg: cosmic rays, particles from neutron star merging, etc.


The live show was AWESOME!!!
The space weather live segment was terrific. I wanted to ask the guest about an incident that happened in 1996. There was a solar flare storm that I remember due to the fact that all cell phones and radios were out for pretty much the whole day in Southern California. I was doing radio communications field training during the event and it really messed up everything. Does the guest recall that event???