Orbital ship yard


I imagine it would be like panning for gold.


Maybe they’ve already done experiments with liquids and densities and it was just so long ago we either missed it or forgot what are you send an email that NASA PAO and be like yo was this ever done. Sent them an email last week but their office gets so many that it takes awhile to get replies. So we have a plan South Park Style get an asteroid plus X unknown equals O’Neill cylinder we got mad geneticist now all we need is funding. I think funding is the hardest problem of all.



Whoa, that 13th image looks just like Mass Effect’s presidium. They must have used it as a reference. Where did you find it?


I like the 11th one, could arowspike engens be mounted on plain wings like along side regular jet engines?


The art of Syd Mead

The art of Robert McCall (1919-2010)


Oh wow, his other works look like Mass Effect too. It’s a total homage… twitter agrees. :laughing:


I’ll add in that in the long run human waste products are probably the ideal choice for shielding as it kills two birds with one stone so to speak. However it may be that our waste is far too valuable to use as shielding and that extracted minerals the better option.

Regarding metallurgy in space I found this preview quite interesting

and this esa article as well


Sweet I’ll check it out I wonder if they have one on molten glass in space.