New TMRO YouTube Promo


This is the forum post that will cover my plan to create a new channel promo video for our YouTube page. This is designed for new viewers who maybe came across TMRO and are not sure if the channel is for them. While our current promo is good and I intend on leaving it in the show, it doesn’t fully serve the intended purpose of a channel promo.

Our basic rundown will be as follows:

  • Target Audience - Who should subscribe
  • Origin Story - Where did TMRO come from
  • Pitch to Subscribe - Ask new viewers to subscribe

I don’t have a script just yet, but in this post you’ll see my working copy and concepts for making this new promo happen.


I think it’d be great to use the tone/feel of the current website copy in this script. Lots of ‘we/us/together’ type words with a fun, human, optimistic, hopeful sound.


Heck yeah! I mean we’re all in this together!