NASA's InSight mission to study Mars - Orbit 11.29


The Principal Investigator of NASA/JPL’s InSight Mission, Bruce Banerdt, joins us to talk about their mission to Mars, looking for Marsquakes and the latest on InSight itself.

Space Launches:

  • Blue Origin Mission 9
  • Falcon 9 Launches Telstar 19 VANTAGE
  • Ariane 5 Launches Galileo 23-26
  • Falcon 9 Launches Iridium-7 Mission

In Space News:

  • Water on Mars
  • Commercial Crew Hype
  • TESS begins hunting planets


Is this going to be on YouTube soon like all the other episodes? I can’t watch vimeo on my playstation3.

Edit: why did Red Bull have your YouTube video pulled?


I was just going to ask that


If RedRull releases the claim, it will be restored as soon as that happens. If they opt to ignore it then the video won’t be on YouTube for 30 days.


Was there a Red Bull visible on camera?


even if there was you’d think they would be happy with the free product placement/advert. Now waiting for the copyright flag on the thread :stuck_out_tongue: