NASA’s Mars Habitat Design Competition


NASA’s Mars habitat design competition round-up:



All habitat designs have their strong points with few weak points. I cannot decide which I prefer!


The winner is elegant…

However these companies are only from america … There were some very nice European examples that are not admissible cos its not American.


Nobody’s design left room for tunnel access, that’s a big failing in my book. Also it looks like no one consulted a plant guy on where and how to grow things, most of the garden spaces or growth chambers were largely impractical.


Yeah i thought the plants placements were a bit impractical. But i assumed they were for aesthetics and there would be purpose built “farms” somewhere else. ie its probably going to be mainly hydroponics with LED lighting in underground buildings to start with. In terms of productivity its safer to have a fully controlled environment purpose built first.

I also noticed Tunnel access missing and not only that some of the designs make it hard to actually dig a tunnel basement later… so yeah… not good.

Still the team that won, the Zopherus, does leave enough space between the buildings that if an underground section is needed it can be dug out and integrated to the main buildings.