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Microsoft was making these in 2008…


Along the lines of my Soyuz-MS build, I figured I better get started on the Commercial Crew ships. Here’s my take on the Crew Dragon V2:


It is not my model (just a fan) but this guy built and flew a Falcon Heavy model that used thrust vectoring (yes with solid motors) and although the 2nd stage had the engine mount fail, it was still an awesome flight.


making presents for Christmas. I should make it in time.


New Year’s resolution: In 2019, the world will have three spacecraft capable of taking crew to the International Space Station:


I gave up on Blender :frowning: (for now… …) But I went back to FreeCAD and had a go at an idea for Starship ! Having a flatter belly for reentry.
Any thoughts on using this body shape?

  1. I think it will be more stable - and can have smaller fins ie make them narrower? And you don’t need them as strong as they wont be doing as much work.
  2. at the sides you have a huge amount of extra space!
    2.1) You can use that space for storage?
    2.2) you can have cabins as well all down the sides of the ship!
    2.3) An internal lift/elevator to unload stuff and staff.
    2.4) Or deploy a tons of Satellites.
    2.5) There is enough space there to stick a couple or more Boring Machines.


Starship with 2 Boring Company drilling machines attached ready to deploy on landing !


I have been looking into the materials… that could be used…

  1. It seems that gold reflects alot of the radiation so a Gold plated Stainless steel Heat shield may be a good option.
  2. Copper-Beryllium Alloy is just as strong as Normal Stainless Steel but conducts heat 10 times faster so a CuBe shell structure can be used to heat-pipe from the Hot Windward side to the Cool side and have that radiate away the heat…

So now it looks a bit like Iron Man Colours !!


So what if small magical creatures from someone’s backyard decided to enter the space race in the 60s? With nothing but gardening tools, some fireworks and a few news articles, it might turn out like this…


nice. The flashlight as spotlight is great.