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Since people have been posting all kinds of stuff that they have been making, not just models:
Here’s a backlit pedestal I designed for my piece of the Fukang Pallasite.

For size: The Meteorite slab is about 5.3 x 9.5 centimeters (about 2.00 x 3.75 inches)



Yeah a general making all the things thread is what I want… I just started with the model I was making at the time.

is it a bunch of slices placed next to each other with resin or is the white part meteor material as well?


The white looking stuff is the iron-nickel matrix of the green Olivine crystals. Pallasites are basically fragments of the mantle-core boundary of differentiated asteroids (planetesimals or failed, smashed-up planets). The metal matrix being the stuff the core is made of and the Olivines being the main constituent of the mantle.


@JazzThrowout :looks at image:, :looks at pixel resolution:, :enlarges image:, :opens in new window:, :zooms in:, :enlarges 300%:, :grumbles to self, “still not enough”:, :looks plaintively at Jazz:…
Got closer-in image for us?


Here’s a closeup:


I’m working away at the painting. Here’s my latest effort.

This is 2 images combined. 1 of glitter covered in black paint on the back of a sheet of plastic. 1 of black, red, purple paint with silver glitter mixed in on top of a different sheet of plastic that had the silver glitter and black on its back. I combined them in a free photoshop like program (Gimp). I think it’s my most realistic looking painting image yet.

I did a bit more photo manipulation and:


Any boardgamers in the TMRO-Community?
Here’s a table I made:


wonderful looking table. Finish work on wood and hiding how things are attached has eluded me. My table efforts are either IKEA or work bench type things.

old photo.


Oooh, a recess so your dice don’t go rolling off, very nice.


@FITorion: I happen to quite like the so called “work bench aesthetics”.

@Faulx: Stole the idea from geekchic. (sadly, they’re out of business).