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Perfect location for launching! What kind of engine?


Great shop you have there; enjoyed looking through the images.
I was interested to see how the payload/camera was in the tube - explains one reason for the transparent tube. Friends have attached cameras and sensors to the outside, but of course that can cause balance issues - I like your work around.
Have you had a maiden launch? If so, how did it go?


no launch yet. I built the first one without the payload area and with the biggest engine I could find at my local store… the math says it should have a thrust to weight ratio greater than 1… but I’m not sure it’s enough greater than 1 for long enough to get it very far off the ground… So that’s the test rocket…

The second one has the payload area and I’m still in the process of making the engine mount rings for the larger engine I plan to put in it… also fins which I plan to have extend into the rocket body to provide extra support for the engine mount. I also need to source a larger parachute… and when I go to launch these things I’ll have to call the FAA because the the rockets are over 2 pounds.


Awesome models (and painting) so far!
Here’s what I’m working on right now.

It’s the Apollo 11 Command module, after it’s landing.
It’s about 12cm or 4.72 inches in diameter.


Some really nice pieces of art there @FITorion !

In terms of “art” I do some Photography for fun too… not super great at it but over the years there are some photos I find I like.

Plane in a Luna eclipse

A big Mosquito trying to eat me…


So far I’ve only flown H-motors. Just a lowly NAR Level 1 for now. I’d like to go for Level 2 sometime next year, but I also want a bigger rocket so I can fly at a low enough altitude without needing a dual-deployment system.


In the process of trying more painting… More pictures of the process in the album already linked above. and i’ll link it again here:

Testing each component… lights work. I have a second one. Plan is to shoot light from either side. Tripod arm works. Just need to build a shroud… I’ll probably put the bigger plastic sheet on a box on the floor…

Used the timer to take the shot with my camera so my hand isn’t also reflected and so I don’t bump things… if I build a shroud with a hole for just the lens to poke through… this should work.

Don’t think my plan for taking pictures while everything is still wet will work… at least not with the paint thinned this much. I thinned it a whole bunch to get it to be translucent… and it mixes with the other color too easily… doesn’t form nice ribbons of color… options: A. let it dry… and do it in layers. B. try different thicknesses. C. Use different paint.

If I let it dry and layer it… That will create different thicknesses and opacity levels too… and I should be able to peel this stuff off when I’m done… think I’ll use the paint I thinned down, up trying this at least.


Not a kit, not someone else’s MOC (my own creation), not designed on computer beforehand. All built going along from ideas in my head. Just using pictures of Star Destroyers as reference. I have lost count of how many parts are in it but over 12,000 (I think). Probably 16 to 20,000 in finished state, and it is getting heavy. Supported on 2 Lego supports, no metal frame or glue, just 100% Lego. Now all I need is more Lego!!!


Is that full scale? It looks absolutely awesome. I really envy people who can make such things. I would love to make a full size Dalek but that is not going to happen anytime soon. I will stick to my Lego Star Destroyer project for now.


Yep full size and radio controlled with lots of flashy lights and opening panels. I’m part of a global builders club :slight_smile:

Loving the detail in the star destroyer, thats a skill in itself being able to work around the limitations of lego to build something like that!


Have you got any online video’s of R2? I would love to see it. Thanks for the kind words about my “little” project. It was supposed to be smaller but due to various reasons has ended up at about 6ft 4inches long. It is out in the shed as I have no real room in the house to work on it. Nobody really gets to see it, so I like to share my pictures here and there. If I ever get it finished I would like to show it off somewhere but living on a small(ish) island there are no Lego events unless I take it on the ferry across to the U.K. and I do not relish that idea. I might do a video of it one day.
Lack of time and money means it will take a while longer to finish but I don’t mind, I enjoy the journey, mostly :wink:


Theres a few videos on my youtube channel:

I know I’ve seen a few big lego events where people have taken things that size (and bigger), tho I dare say they’re used to it and actually plan it into the build. At least they do after the first one. :wink: You up in the scottish islands, or channel islands? I don’t think I’d like to take something that size anywhere. Probably have to hire a lorry and a few strong people to help carry/load it! These things always take over our lives!


I live on the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea. The crossings can get pretty rough at certain times. The structure is pretty solid (it has been carried up and down stairs to the spare room twice) but since then it has put on weight! I think I might be pushing my luck if I add too much weight to it. The support structure is in dire need of some strengthening. Thanks for the link to your YouTube channel I will have a look at them later. Maybe I should try and build a R2 out of Lego? It would have to be full scale and have motor functions built in, there’s yet another idea on the list. It may have to wait until I build my own Death Star, which will definitely have a canteen so Darth Vader can get his Penne El’Arabiata :wink:


Aye, I’ve been over a few times. Not that far from you, grew up near heysham port. Seas can be rough, especially at the moment considering the wind I can hear.

You’ve been beaten to the full sized lego r2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you can get to show off your creation, I know lots of people who’d love to see it!


I had forgotten about that video. They used a metal and wood frame and various other non Lego bits. I would have to try and do it 100% Lego. Might not be as fast or slick but that does not bother me too much. I would not want to be crossing tonight, it does sound a bit rough but it will be even rougher on Friday! Got to go, early start in the morning, nice chatting to you, catch you another day.


we built a Darlek when i was at college … it stood about 2 foot tall spoke a few phrases too rf contro … ir control or automomus … in auto it mapped the room by using ir to send back to the computer how far it had moved before a bump trigger then turning set number of degrees and running again. all on a STAMP processor … i wrote the code a squeezed in just under the mem limit. :slight_smile: we also kinda over did the motor … it was capable of 40MPH … not scale but true speed … we used to race it on our bikes around the car park! no photos :frowning: and a long time ago


I would of loved to see that.



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Did The Nasa Hackathon last weekend… so i missed the TMRO show… My team created an easy system for the daily journals and to reduce the number of surveys for astronauts. Providing auto analysis of the journals for sentiments so that the astronaut can be more mindful of his state of mind and with suggested activities to alleviate any stressors… Fun project :slight_smile:


[quote=“Tobi_Foong, post:39, topic:114”]reduce the number of surveys for astronauts

4 days into HI-SEAS and i was ALREADY sick of surveys. This is honestly going to have a big impact if we can standardize these and save on time/repetition.