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Star Trek Enterprise E model which I modified to add lights to. I cut out the windows with a modified woodburning/soldering iron which I strapped a needle to. I had to carefully excavate out space for the wires to run into the engine nacelles.

Build album:

2 min video of the lights working.

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since I’m currently limited to 2 links per post here’s the rest…

Knock off Lego… because the real lego kit is over $1000 and this was $119… Super Star Destroyer.

Build album:

Legit Lego Saturn V

Build album:


Nice! love the Enterprise


new project. Painting… just painting… not a model.


think I’m getting better at this.


I am trying to learn 3d design and 3d printing… Using my ideas for BFS as motivation.

Below is a my BFS design with a disk for an internal spinning ring for gravity. LOL! looks StarTreky :smile:


Another view :slight_smile: sorry having fun …


I am learning :slight_smile:


I’m curious why you have the “fins” oriented opposite of how the BFS has them oriented? Does your program have an atmospheric model so you can see how different things perform? I suppose you could print it once you’re happy with the design and toss it off a tall building. Couple of people with a sheet should be able to catch it.


No, I dont have the fluid flow simulator in my software I think. Just got it installed a few days ago. Very excited that I am picking it up at a good pace… Once I am better I may go for the more complex one and see how that goes… But I think I will just stick with this one for a few more weeks and see how it goes…

Another version … :slight_smile: yeah having too much fun :slight_smile:

The reason I have the tail fins different from the SpaceX is 2 fold.

  1. Its more stable that way, I expect that there will be some normal flaps near the engines to help steer the ship.
  2. Less moving parts. Less things can break. More reuse-ability.

This new design also has a few other features.

  1. The Disk structure is outside the main ship’s Tube/cylinder so that it does not disrupt the structural integrity of the Ship.
  2. The smaller Blue Disk is a Launch Abort system, a bit like a big spaceX Dragon Capsule embedded in the main disk structure. It is where the passengers get in and and strap on just before take off. The main disk also shields the capsule from explosive debris. After take off they can move into the main ship area.

Another thing i want to include more in the design are ideas inspired from the Skydiving flight suits. It seems a good flight suit slows down the decent by 50% ! I have also included lifting body designs ideas from the venture star design… That’s why I thought the disk would be a useful structure to include.

Re Printing… Yeah very keen to try it… :slight_smile: Just about ready to buy a 3d printer !! LOL

When I was very young, one of the first things I remember was when we lived in a Teachers College ( My Dad was a lecturer at the Campus ) I was walking through the campus hostels and suddenly there were paper planes flying everywhere in all directions… It seems I walked into a paper plane battle between the east side and the west side!! I was so enchanted by the many varieties of origami planes, I grab various types from the ground, took them home and reverse engineered them and found out the principles of flying origami planes. I even invented a few new types !!

So I would be keen to chuck my BFS out a window and see how it performs !! LOL !!


I am not a model maker, but I am trying to build a massive Lego Star Destroyer, it’s taking a long time but keeps me busy when work, home and TMRO allow.


oh Nice! Was that a kit? Fan instructions and order the pieces individually? Looks even bigger than my SSD.


My rocket, which I built during a rocket workshop by my astronomy club.
I designed the logo - the “Flying Dropbear” :slight_smile:
A friend took some images when she flew



Been working on this guy for the last few years. Do events and charity stuff with him, very rewarding! Constantly being tweaked and improved. Just working on a smoke generator for him.


On the first picture is a frame of a Lego standard SD sitting on a plastic box. The whole thing is about 6ft 4inches long and nearly 4ft wide. It was not supposed to end up that big!


Vader is in the cafeteria longingly staring at things he cant put in his mouth.
Stormtrooper #1 is like… “Star Wars again?!?.. Dang it!”
Stormtrooper #2 is like… “I never miss it!.. Wish I could say the same when I’m at shooting range.”

So your next project is a Lego Death Star 40 stories tall right?


If you want to see more of this project you can find it on Facebook at My Lego Projects - Home | Facebook


How did you guess what my next Lego project is going to be, 40 minifigure stories tall maybe! I do need to finish this Star Destroyer first. The Vader in the Cafeteria scene is a nod to the Eddie Izzard sketch YouTube which does contain some swearing but is really funny.


Rockets are great. Built a bunch in junior high and high school but got tired of kits. Now when ever I want to build a rocket I buy the raw parts and make it.

here’s a work in progress album. clear rocket - Album on Imgur

Building 2 rockets… built one which will probably fail… and am currently in the process of building another which can take a larger engine…


I’ve made a few rockets.