Masten's Lunar Ambitions - Orbit 11.34


Dave Masten of Masten Space Systems joins SpaceMike to talk about his current fleet of vehicle and plans to do more than just flags and footprints on the moon.

There were no launches this week

Space News:

  • OSIRIS-REx and New Horizons’ targets are in sight
  • Leak at ISS detected
  • Our Solar System Is Nothing Special



Great show.
I like the new tweaks to presenting things.


Looking forward to the nano satellite mini Luna lander by Space Mike. PS: happy to be in on the discussions !! did Dave say just use the current little thrusters ?


Once Pluto was just a pixel in the eye of New Horizon.


The hole in the Soyuz … it looks like writing next to it


I wonder if guests would be more comfortable with a table in-front of them …


Thinking of tables … for round table discussions … use a roundtable and have the camera in the center of the table that duta would control. You know like Eric Forman’s basement … (That 70’s Show) … but I am serious.


It’s definitely a spot where a drill bit skipped across the surface. I made plenty of those on the TMRO set. :rofl: