Making money from space junk - TMRO:Space Orbit 11.36


Astroscale COO, Chris Blackerby, chats about the money to be made from space junk, and how we can leverage these space resources for the benefit of humanity.

Launch minute:

  • Falcon 9 | Telstar 18
  • Delta II | IceSat-2

Space News:

  • Orion completes final parachute test
  • SpaceX, NASA, and JAXA all have Lunar plans
  • Opportunity’s 45 day clock begins ticking


How about a bounty on space junk? This would have to be an international effort, one which would provide an early incentive for space development by private companies. The bounty fund would be funded by an international agreement between all spacefaring nations and corporations. Once funded debris would be identified and bounties placed on each. The race would be on to deorbit or place space junk in safe orbits.