Lunar eclipse July 2018


For those in the right parts of the world we will be getting a lunar eclipse / blood moon on the 27th July.

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If the current weather in the U.K. holds we should get a nice veiw.


no luck for us North Americans on this one it seems.


I’ll trade you the longest lunar eclipse in this century for your second solar eclipse. Come on, it’s only second, so it can’t be as good :joy:


So wanted to see this … and for the first night in weeks … Clouds … I wouldnt mind if it was raining and cooling us down but its not … Now sulking with the weather and cosmos


Time to break out the anti-weather machine!


Nope I’m going big scale Look out Cosmos here I come


Did anyone watch the eclipse ?

I didnt this time…

But I took an awesome photo a few years ago (2014) during an eclipse…


That picture is epic!


Thanks :slight_smile: … Maybe one day we could get an eclipse and with a BFR going to the moon !!



Just WOW! Where was that taken?


Taken right here from the beach, looking towards the shipyard. My buddy was there too with a better camera and more powerful lens, will try to get his pics too, as he was able to capture the eclipse in full.


I’m so jealous. Clear skies here for weeks and again today but last night … UGH


I watched the stream from SLOOH on and off throughout the eclipse and they did an excellent job.


I watched the Universe Today/Fraser Cain one, and it was great too. Must be challenging to do so many hours of live feed and keep it interesting throughout.