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Hopefully, you all got to catch the premiere of Letting Off STEAM this last Saturday (2019-Jun-15) YouTube , and enjoyed it as much as we did.

We used to build our live shows in three segments: The News up front, the Interview in the middle, and Comments, or community interaction at the end. We pulled the news out to tighten it up, and make more produced news shows with better content, reliable, and researched information, and it seems like y’all are digesting those well. That left the interview, and the comments in this weird two-segment thing, which didn’t really work, so we axed the community interaction, and left a void in our lineup to get up-close and personal with you, and more critically, involve you, our supporters.

One of our core pillars is that these shows are community driven, and that’s been missing as we find our legs for the News and Interview shows to make them the best we can.

So, during our last Citizens hangout, the idea developed to have a much looser format that would hinge on community interaction, and the result of that conversation is what we tried out this Saturday. Here’s what we’re going for:

  • A different host is responsible for Letting Off STEAM (LOS) each week.
  • Free format - do what you want, when you want (within the week), with whom you want.
  • Has to be related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math (STEAM).
  • Stream live to the world.
  • Involve the live community.

Ben took the first one, and decided to have us play a game where you got to vote on who’s STEAM-related answers you liked best for the questions in the game. He also included a bit of discussion/debate on a topic of his choosing, and then we went back to the game to finish it off.

But we’re not sticking to this format, or length for each LOS epicsode. We want to know what YOU would like to see?

  • One chat member suggested an egg-drop contest.
  • I’ve heard drunk LEGO assembly
  • Go into a local spacey bar, and talk to people about space
  • Spacey trivia
  • Build a rocket
  • Involve another Youtube creator in some sort of challenge

What are YOUR ideas?
What would YOU like to see?
How would YOU Let Off STEAM?

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I think some on site excursions…

Rocket garden, Apollo exhibit at museum of flight in Seattle, Jedi world at Disney.

Or colabs with veritasium or slow mo guys.


STEAM plus inspiring Space! Today 20190622 I am at the annual ARRL Field Day near me (missed the live 1800 UTC show) and snapped a pic of their event poster. Yep, amateur radio inspires STEAM and even has a sub-group that specifically targets Space (tracking and using orbiting satellites to communicate to others). Indeed, at this event today I connected my HT to a big motorized rotating antenna to swivel to aim at a passing satellite for a contact. So… I just have to think there might be a TMRO staff person or citizen who could leverage a local Amateur Radio club for a fun, informative LOS episode.

In US, more info on Field Day is at Field Day

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so, wich day will LOS be?