Looking for SEO Volunteers


Hey all,

It was brought up that if you search for ‘tomorrow space news’ on YouTube, we don’t show up. Which sucks. And it sucks because I think I’m doing a poor job of SEO.

Anyone in the community willing to take on SEO for posts be it tags, titles, etc. to help us reach more people? Ideally looking at what does and doesn’t work with the show, playing with things and doing whatever you can to help us become more discoverable without crossing that line of click bait?


I might be interested. What would your expectations be for me? Would there be some amount of training to show what you need? You know, just wanting to know a little more before committing. Unfortunately, my workload keeps shifting lately and I only want to volunteer if I know I can fully commit to the expectations.


Would you consider using the same no-acronyms-policy for your community that you have on the show? The only thing that comes to mind when I read “SEO” is “Sony Enline Ontertainment” :wink:


Search Engine Optimization