Live: Apollo 11 / 50 years ago

Over the next while at nasaspaceflight (no affiliation to NASA), watch and read “live” about Apollo 11 as it happened 50 years ago.

Intro Article:

Live thread:

Monitoring this over the next few weeks might be fun. This sounds like a great idea to re-capture, re-ignite and strengthen general public and geek interest. It seems they have plans to “cover” the rollout, pad operations and events “live”, 50 years ago.

Does anyone else know of any similar events?

And… live tweets from 50 years ago. Currently today as I type, 50 years ago, as Apollo 11 was rolling out to the pad, Apollo 10 was on its way to the Moon.
Live tweets:



The Apollo 10 lunar module should be making its decent, drop the decent stage and then re-docking with the command module today. It is fun to follow the tweets “live” as the events occurred 50 years ago. And that Twitter account seems to be warming up to do the same “live” tweets routine for Apollo 11 this July. An innovative (inspiring) idea on their part.

LOTS of Apollo 50th anniv space-geek events, live streams, discussions, and information going on out there outside of TMRO. Look for it, and you will find it! One example, as we speak, an absolutely fantastic (I can not say enough about this great inspiration interview event) live stream walk through of the VAB by Chris G. of nasaspaceflight (no affiliation with NASA) and Kerbal Space Academy Das Valdez on Twitch. Chris G. is doing a solid professional, inspirational, job in interviewing, answering and showing.

All of this amazing lead-up and celebration seems all in relation to the 50th anniv of Apollo 11. Remember, live tweets from Apollo 10 are occurring now, as 50 years ago 1969 May it was in the middle of its mission. Look for a link to those “live” Apollo 10 tweets in my previous post. I’m sure there will be “live” tweets for Apollo 11 in July.

Collectively, all of these things are a great ways to celebrate what was achieved 50 years ago. TMRO should really think of the best ways to jump into this frying pan and to become part of this once-in-a-lifetime recipe. Any suggestions on that?

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Interesting source for Apollo 11 audio, replay as it happened 50 years ago.

more old NASA pics







Watch Apollo 11 broadcasts live! (Can 50 years ago still be called live? :grinning::grinning:)
Now only little more than 1 hour until launch!

And… Apollo 11 in Real Time

Real-time audio?

It is quite unfortunate to see essentially no participation nor seemingly so little mention of the Apollo 11 launch 50th anniversary by TMRO staff. I can definitely understand how some citizens might feel TMRO have totally missed an irreplaceable opportunity. How can we as a Community help get TMRO meaningful again? Am I being too harsh? If so, I apologize. Maybe I will start a different thread for this.

Hmm. The third photo of the Russian space suit “Sokol” for the British ESA astronaut Team Peace, which was used in late 2015 - early 2016. It was probably just standing next to the Apollo program exhibits at the museum.

more old NASA photos:




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USSR plan



Only a few hours until reentry! Having all the mission control audio feeds, the video and recorded video and timestamped still photos during this journey has been great. And the good part is that if you missed anything, just scroll back and re-live it again. Quite inspiring.