Landing on Mars as we look back to the Moon - Orbit 11.47


Guest Conrad Pires from @picosatsystems joins us live to talk about the next evolution of miniaturized satellites: Pico Sats.

In Space Nerd News this week we talk about Insight landing on Mars, NASA’s announcement of private companies that are helping to get them back to the Moon and potentially Dangerous Bacteria Found in ISS.

Launch Minute:
Special South Korea sub-orbital launch


Very interesting session with Conrad P. If TMRO is looking for a 2018 “theme”, look no further than the ongoing and emerging innovation of cube- nano- pico-sats. PicoSat in Perth was a good TMRO guest selection, and I wish them the best.

I love the “common sense “ innovation of PicoSat by their use of metal measuring tape for their antenna dipole, the onboard permanent magnetic placed for passive orientation over Australia, and their “down to earth” design.

Just a little bumpy near the start when Conrad was not actively included in the discussion, but all in all this was a good, compelling episode.

Consider following up with PicoSat/Conrad in 6 months to see what’s happening.

Good! Thank you to all TMRO staff.


Way to go, South Korea! I really hope their lovely neighbour to the North doesnt mess up with their plans.


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I can understand all pics but the third …


It’s some kind of alluvial buildup. It looks like sand or deposition flow. Blown or dissolved into the wind and deposited on previous ridges. There could be a static electric attraction at play that is unfamiliar to us here on Earth.


Sediment on glacier “Swiss cheese”


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