JohnnyBoy’s free art work for Tmro logo


Being civil starts with honesty and NO lies, two resources America needs a lot right now.


I don’t think you’re winning any allies with the way you’re speaking to people here.


If being truthful and honest is a problem, you need to recalibrate.


I am angry because of the lies and the hypocritical conduct of Ben and Duta regarding my contribution to help them out with their first draft logo they where stuck with, I just can’t stand somebody claiming he had the full picture of the logo, when in fact they only had the T… and not the appropriate font to make it « Fly»


As I made it clear, those dates were when the logo was published in the form of the tmro episode and were publicly available. The live episode was earlier AND the actual creation date is unknown to the public because the logo was created by Duta.

Since my post Duta has provided dates proving they are months before the 7sept letter you showed as the proof. Duta has since also opened the file in the first screenshot to show the content proving that your accusations of “theft” are bullshit.

You have also accused the tmro crew of piracy regarding the Concelian font while seemingly completely blanking on the fact that while still under Spacevidcast they had used the font for years and likely have had the license for just as many years.

But as your post has shown I might as well potatocabbageelecticity wafflemotorbike katanasubwoofer applepie yogurthops because no matter what is said or what is shown you will continue to live in your version of the reality.


Time to go on Patreon for some modifications and have some sleep.
Good nights all, and again, sorry for dragging you all in this dispute :disappointed:
I am a man of principles, truth, justice and honesty are not something I take lightly, I am kind and gentle mannered in life, but if I cross the path of lies and/or injusticei have no mercy.:point_up:t2:

Peace :vulcan_salute:t2::man_astronaut:t3::rocket:


Oulalaaa, as we say in french…
Lots of words for little content.
To recapitulate:
Duta shows files dates , so what ? Did he show the content ? NO
Did I show my design in the pictures here YES
The ugly logo was the rule until 12 days after my submission YES
Does the T style was there already YES ( It is the original good part of it)
Was the appropriate font Concelian present NO
Has Duta proven that they had the licence for using concelian in previous shows ? NO
Did I mention in my email that it makes sense to reuse the broadcast licence of concelian font (if any) to reduce cost ? YES

Now chose the Blue or Red pill :pill::wink:


I have been closely observing JohnnyBoy’s claim of originator of the TMRO logo. Both Ben and Duta have commented on the origin of the TMRO logo.

In the community site JohnnyBoy laid out his evidence for his claim. This evidence in itself is lacking due to the date of email. This in my objective view is that JohnnyBoy’s claim fall short.

Now, either way, JohnnyBoy’s behavior is suspect being over-the-top for the matter at hand; plus the self righteous indignation has become unbearable. We all know that TMRO is not a profitable venture. It is a labor of love for those directly and indirectly involved. I mean … really … dude … get over it … Seriously.

As for your threats to stop your Patreon contributions … STHU … really …. because I can match it.


Dear JohnnySpacer,

You need to consider a central fact: chronology.

My email to Ben and Cariann with my design submission PREDATES the first apparition of the final logo design by 12 days.

It took me 5 Minutes to conceive-it and 2 Hours to do it in 3D in SketchUp.

Duta said he worked for MONTHS doing unsatisfactory 40 versions (!)

Ben and Him where clearly struggling with the logo design and i understood they needed some help. The shitty 1st draft logo was hurting the identity of the show and i was happy to help free of charge with no copyright claims.

I sent to Ben and Cariann my logo proposals, and Boom! The new Ben&Duta deep brainstorming logo is born and aired 12 days later, what a coïncidence :smirk:.

Furthermore, i did not even got a reply for my email, not a thankyou, not a word, Nothing … no proof of receipt, not caught…typical of something going « shady style»

I will add that in a not distant previous afterdark segment, i was saying in the chat that i could publish my e-mails to prove my claims, Ben was on the set alone, he saw my lines in the chat and breifly panicked, he stood up to get out of the camera field while saying very quickly and super low voiced « - Hum, yeaa the font logo is JohnnyBoy’s idea » or something very close to that.

I am pissed off (oh! sorry for the politicaly correctness going down the toilet) by Ben and Duta hypocrital attitude and lack of honesty.

I have to dig up my original email to Ben and Cariann in an archive.

I will do so asap.



OK, lets put an end to this once and for all.

JohnnyBoy, to be blunt we didn’t use your logo design. About a month earlier we had already moved back to the original Spacevidcast typeface ‘Concielian’ for the ‘mro’ and while the logo didn’t debut until after your e-mail, that was due to revisions within the typeface that you didn’t do, work on, or have any input over.

Here is the original e-mail thread between me an Duta re: the logo design. Note the dates – And I have highlighted revision 21 which is when we added back in the Concielian typeface:

And here is a screenshot of all of the designs, including the first use of Concielian on revision 21, as well as a series of other typeface tests:

And here is your e-mail, nearly a month later:

I have never said that you designed or that we stole any design from you. It seems you are very emotional about this, and I have a theory as to why: until last week, you thought that we built the logo around your idea, and when you heard us say otherwise it was a pretty big blow. But see it from our standpoint – We didn’t actually use your data, and so to us it was a very surprising reaction. We already had that part of the design worked out ~August 2014 whereas your data didn’t come in until ~September 2014.

I thought that maybe I remembered the story wrong. Memory is a tricky thing that way. Maybe there was an influence that got lost to time. But as I read my notes, look back at the original designs it looks like both you and Duta came to a similar design decision… You just did it a month after he did.

*edited to take some harshness out.


Dear Ben,

Thank you for reply, it proves exactly my point.

The draft no.21 testing the concelian font was overlooked by you because you didn’t get it right, you whent back to your early ugly designs (no.26).

Fun fact, 10 iterations later (version 31) you finally « get it » and it was surely AFTER my input, am i right ?

The lack of revisions dating (numbers is not proof, easily modified) makes your proofs irrelevant.


I stay with my remembrance of you saying in very low tone and shamefully looking down while getting out of the camera field : « - Hmm, Yea, the font was JohhnyBoy’s idea…»

You said this with your mouth in front of the camera during a not distant afterdark segment where you where alone on the set and after I chatted I could show everyone my designs by publishing them.

You said it Ben, you said it…

Now, i will regretfully sever my ties with the Tmro community that I love so much, because you are lying :lying_face: and I cannot stand this shamfull attitude.

I wish everybody a bright future.

So long folks…




Bye Johnny!

Before you leave could you give one more answer? How do you define “not distant after dark”? For a semi-unreasonable person like me it would be within Orbit 11.

I’m asking that because in case you didn’t know, you can preview scroll YT videos so it’s quite easy and relatively fast to go through the videos, find parts where Ben is alone on the set and watch only those bits. So here you go, a list of 2018 after dark bits where Ben is alone on the set.

11.01 - ben “alone” in the observation deck
11.02 - ben “alone” in the observation deck
11.03 - ben “alone” in the observation deck
11.06 - ben “alone” in the observation deck
11.18 - ben “alone” in the observation deck
11.22 - ben “alone” in the news room
11.39 - ben “alone” in the observation deck

I lied, would actually want a second answer also: So what now, going to extend the timeframe of “not distant” or will you claim that the after darks were edited to remove proof?


Thanks for the YT tip.

I am sure of one thing, it was on the observation deck, not the control room and in a timeframe I would say of the last two or three months.

Now, to be honest, i feel sick about this right now… I feel betrayed and really care more about the losses than frantically scrolling hours of video to spot this short moment.

I might do it, but really, right now, i feel down and don’t have the energy to do that.

Futhermore, as you said, it probably have been removed already.

It makes more sense to ask Tmro members if someone else remembers to this very short moment where Ben said that.



I don’t know if it is technically possible for you…

If you have logs of the last 2-3 month chats and can isolate my inputs, can you do a word search with the keyword « publish », I think it is the word I used to tell Ben I could show everyone that the font of the logo was my contribution to it.

If you find this moment, you can correlate with the video moment when Ben told «- Hum, Yea, the font was JohnnyBoy’s idea » he said that in 1.5 seconds moving out of the frame.

If it is not possible, no problem…,

Thanks anyway



Uhhh sorry. It was 11.23 and Ben was having problems with chat when you said that in chat and he never reacted to it.


Thanks a lot Colten :pray:t2: you rock !

So it was Orbit 11 episode 23 afterdark.

Ben did get my chat message, he was on a tablet if I remember well and he very briefly panicked and said « - Hum, yea, the font of the logo was JohnnyBoy idea » he said that very fast and very low as he rush out of the camera field.

The log suggest maybe he reconnected on another device.

If I remember well, the chat is on screen for the hosts on the set, if it is, he might saw it there instead of his device.

Now, I am asking maybe to much, do you have a way to point on the running time of the video in relation with your log time reference ?

Ben said that phrase while walking out of the set and the camera camera field.

If the video is not edited, it is still there and you will see him moving out of view

Saying it. If there is a cut you will not see him moving out. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Again, thanks a ton man :white_check_mark::+1:t2:

Very best regards




Dear Teh WKD,

As a YouTube expert (no sarcasm here)

Can you maybe help us find the corresponding video segment in the afterdark video of Orbit 11 epiCsode 23 ?

I have no access to afterdark videos as I closed my Patreon support to Tmro.

Btw, about Patreon, as he said, JohnnySpacer will easily cover the loss of my departure by increasing his Patreon support to the show, thanks man, it is really cool and generous (again, no sarcasm here)

Very best regards




Here is the After Dark episode you requested. You’ll note that the scenario you mentioned never happened.

You didn’t request it, but here is the show exactly as it aired live – Pre show, show itself and post show:

Nowhere in any of that will you find your claims. We have been able to provide ample proof that your claims are incorrect including e-mails and timestamps. You have been unable to provide anything to back up your claims. When pressed for proof you were “sick about this right now” and unable to do so, asking the community to do your work for you. When they did, you still were unable to come up with the data you promised!

At this stage you offered to leave the community and I feel that is the best action. I’m locking this thread but leaving it in place for transparency.