JohnnyBoy’s free art work for Tmro logo


As promised, here are the emails and documents concerning my modest contribution to the Tmro Logo that Ben is « not remembering »
I hope it will clarify everybody’s mind.
It was a gift to the show, I have some graphical background too, Oti Parsons in LA and HEAD school of design in Geneva, so it was easy to spot that Ben’s original logo failure was his handwritten font he made himself, it was awfull and did not follow typeface basic rules of proportion and alignments.
I don’t seek anything else than the truth and honesty, if Ben had forgotten to mention my contribution, that would have been a bit disappointing but of no consequences, but the fact he repeatedly proclaims loudly the fact that HE and Duta had comme up with this font idea makes me angry, especially when he is so proud of it.
Btw, Ben and Duta just said they had a lot of versions done, hmmm ! So why did they had to painfully work so much to try to find one, when in fact, it was there in plain sight all the time, the after dark logo font was the logical solution ( corporate identity continuity and probable font copyright already paid for broadcast use )

I post this first copy of my first complais for not being credited now, the rest is in an archive I have to dig up, will follow quickly tomorrow.

I am very sorry to start my contribution to this forum with that subject, but lies is not tolerable.
Have a nice week-end
JohnnyBoy :vulcan_salute:t2::man_astronaut:t3::rocket:

I wanted to add the .skp file of the 3D logos done in Sketchup 2014, but cannot due to file extensions restrictions, I will have to make some screenshots of sketchup windows. I am to tired now, will do it ASAP.
See y’a folks


I’m honestly a bit stumped at what you claim your contribution is?

The email you linked as proof is dated 7september2014.

The T we know now in the logo first publicly appears in

which was published 25may2014.

The mro is based on the spacevidcast logo font which is years old.

The first public appearance of the logo as we know it today is in

published 29sep2014.

Are you claiming to have contributed to the design because they eventually decided to combine their old logo with their new one?


I will send you my ORIGINAL SUBMISSION soon, let me dig it


I reclaim the fact that I have submitted the CORRECT font for the logo success, prior to my submission, the logo was a mess


The T is yours, no question about it, but the MRO in concelian font is MY idea that you rip me off all the time :rage:


My original submission was older and BEFORE the Tmro logo change



The Concelian font was in consideration (but still wasn’t quite right, and we modified it for the final logo) from at least July of 2014.

We started working on the redesign in May of 2014. There were MANY iterations (at least 40 that I have documented), and literally thousands of fonts were considered in many ways (regular, bold, italic, caps, lowercase, etc.) from the beginning, including Concelian. Not to mention that Concelian was the original font of the Spacevidcast logo without any modification.

We saw your logo. We considered what you submitted, but decided against using it. The similarities end there. Your argument that you deserve accolades because your logo used the “same” (again, it’s not) font as what we ended on is not valid. No other elements of your submission were used in the final logo, either through inspiration or duplication. Further, you submitted your logo design to us with full permission to use it, so I’m really not sure what you are claiming, or what you’re hoping to gain.


Yes, I reclaim the fact that prior to my contribution, except the T, the « mro » fonts where not there and the « logo » was a mess, unusable, no proportions construction, no typeface dynamics, not even in vector format (!) basically a children drawing, look again your first screenshot, it is ugly.
After waiting for the definitive version of the logo Ben was talking about in the casts, that never came, I decided to give a help by sending my concepts in 3D, for a more futuristic look.
Ben took the font idea and fused it with the T inspired of old style Disney futuristic world ( Very good idea by the way, it is perfect ! )
But the jumpstart idea for the logo rebirth and success was my suggestion of concelian font, he took it and decided to burry my contribution.
That is the story.


Dear Duta, you did not publish the final logo until my submission arrived and, oh by luck, it was 80% done, you only had to change the T and finally got a usable logo… I did it in two hours, you seem to have been stucked in the mudd for a long time, and then, miracle, I send my ideas and boom the new logo is born… yeah right…


The date of your email, Johnny, is September 2014. The date of Duta’s font files is July 2014.


So what? Let’s see the content hmmmmm ? Go ahead Duta please


À coreldraw file date is a bit light to prove anything, especially if you do not see the content :joy:


But none of that is true. Ben didn’t design the logo - I did. Ben, myself, and Cariann reviewed it very frequently, and decided what to try, and how. The strain of effort that produced the current logo was started in July, in parallel with several other strains. None of those other strains were panning out, so we went back to some of the other concepts in July. I have an all caps version of Concelian from August, and that wasn’t right. We then used lower case Concelian, and that still wasn’t right. I modified the font extensively - the angles of the vertical strokes isn’t the same. The height of the letters in relation to each other isn’t the same. The length of the top of the r isn’t the same. The top corners are elliptical, not squared on the leading edge. The stroke width is different. It’s not Concelian. It’s not yours. It didn’t stem from your submission.



Nooo, common Duta :smirk: open the .CDR Pleeeeaaaase :pray:t3: :grin:


This is just a font list, NOT a Logo design :point_up:t2::smile:


Duta, you claim creativity about the font, but the truth is in fact that I spotted a copyright problem about using the font, so you imported it in vector ( Like I did in Sketchup) but you very lightly « modified it » to make a non-original concelian font, like this you can spare some dollars and rip off the typeface designer. Furthermore, you now use it as an excuse to say I did not give you the idea to use concelian, oh nooooo, I did it all by myself :innocent: yeah… right Duta… common! show you latest CDR :face_with_monocle:


Please show the content of the CDR, Duta, why is it taking so much time, hmmmmm ? Just click it ! You can do it !


Be civil …


Thanks for pointing out the dates !

  • I sent my submission by mail with attachments to Ben and Cariann the 17 sept 2014

  • Your screenshot of the actual logo is dated 29 of September 2014, hmmm just a 12 days interval, what a strange coincidence ! After month of creativity struggling to find a good looking logo, boom the miracle just happens after I sent my ideas… Duta had a revelation, of course !