Iran launches satellite




They say “…orbital velocity wasn’t achieved…”
Was that even planned? Wasn’t this just ballist… ehm suborbital test?
I’ve seen some speculations, that rocket had new engine on second stage. So test flight with dummy third stage would make sense…

And what’s actual name of this rocket? I’ve seen it being called Basir, Simorgh or Safir-2+ via different sources.

EDIT: Apparently Simorgh is just synonym for Safir-2 and Basir is (wrong) transcription to French and then English.

Infograph of Simorgh/Safir-2 rocket:

And it seems, that placing satellite into orbit was indeed a goal, but third stage failed. It’s improvement though - last time they launched this rocket, its second stage has failed. #

High quality footage of the launch in this tweet.





Looks like the North Korean rocket


Looks like a Ukrainian icbm


Semnan prepares another


Report: Fire in Iranian space center kills 3 scientists

Hypergolic rocket fuel is dangerous.