Interview with Mars rover specialist


The Mars rover specialiist interview was terrific. She is a great speaker and her advice is very informative and thought provoking and her future outlook is very realistic. Thank you and your guest for this valuable interview.



Due to how my brain is wired, sometimes I notice small picky things. I was just a little bit disappointed that the guest repeated (near YouTube timestamp 23:00) the basic misconception that Earth-Mars travel time “takes 8 months each way”. In fact, the 8-9 month journey time frequently stated is simply the lowest-energy Hohmann trajectory. Add more energy, and the journey takes less time.

This is not the first time I have heard a representative of a “traditional” space organization say this, while “newspace” organizations seem to have very clearly mentioned travel times such as 3 months.

Because this is not the first time I have noticed this misconception being pushed by a “traditional” organization, I admit that one thought did cross my mind. I wonder if that represents some kind of subconscious insight into the root methods being considered/planned/discussed between the “traditional” verses the “new” organization.

[OK Freda… now switch back to positive, less-picky mode]

…Ahhh… that feels better.

All in all, a good TMRO episode. Thank you.



Since you mention them, the fast conjunction trajectories to Mars can be found at this thread: