Interview Format Opener

Request: Include a very brief spiel regarding the overarching topic of the show in the beginning introduction portion.

The reverse interview format used in Orbit 12.21 (NASA’s Psyche mission, with Lindy Elkins-Tanton) was very cool! Great interview @Jade and @Athena_Brensberger !

I would like to request a minor tweak. Being a teacher myself, I find both my students (and myself!) heavily value from having an overarching view perspective of the topic at hand. I’m all for leaving the “what” portion of the interview for the end, however it would be nice if the person opening the show could give a quick 10 second spiel on what the overarching topic is, just to help better set the stage.


  • [introduction] Hi! My name is ___… and with us we have ___…! (you’ve all got that portion nailed down!)
  • [new part] Today we are going to be talking about NASA’s Psyche mission in which NASA is sending an orbiter to a primarily heavy metallic asteroid!
  • [begin interview]

I really feel that adding a smidgen more of the “what” to the intro will help those of us who either haven’t fully kept up, or are confusing one mission/topic with another to gain their bearings at the beginning of the show.