I made the TMRO studio in Minecraft

EDIT: This was V1 and the better V2 is down there somewhere VVV

It’s as accurate as I could make it having watched the shows for about a year and a bit, the actual set is at about a 1.5:1 scale and the rest of it is at a 1:1 scale. If anybody else has some ideas for more detail please let me know!

(If anybody does have the game the server IP is dolphincraft.mcpro.io and the co-ordinates are -649, 32, 1349 (Version 1.9 - 1.12))



This is really cool and now I want to play Minecraft

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That looks great!


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Ok I will admit that i may have been binge watching the after dark channel for the past few days, so many improvements (from the info i have gathered) are gonna be added.

After 4 too many hour of work, I present the TMRO:Space studio in Minecraft, with it being as acurate as possible after the studio tour on @GLTCprincess and @cariann 's LOS episode on sunday.

Entrance Stairway and Hallway

TMRO Swag store & Editing (?) Room

The TMRO Green Room

The TMRO Control Room (Jami’s Laptop’s screen fell off)

The Zero-G Toilet

The Actual Set

The Actual Camera Angles


Got all the little details, even Duta’s two drinks.

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That is ridiculously accurate for Minecraft - well done!

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing!

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I love everything about this!

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You even have the FISHES! And the green screen on the floor. This is magical. Absolutely magical.

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