Hubble’s fate, Mars Cubes and space brains - Orbit 11.42


This is the episode of the season where we have the ultimate answer to the life universe and everything! I had also been eager to try a new news format that was more round-table and conversational. Since there was no standard guest this week we made it happen! Let me know what you think in the comments. A bit long, but overall I liked it!

Launch Minute:

  • Soyuz 2.1B | Lotos-S1 | Kosmos-2528
  • Long March 4B | Haiyang 2B

Space News:

  • NASA is preparing for Hubble’s return
  • This is your brain on space
  • NASA seeking Lunar Gateway Cargo Delivery
  • Hayabusa-2 prepares for Ryugu touchdown
  • Major first step for Pluto Orbiter Mission
  • First Image of Mars taken by a CubeSat
  • Virgin’s LauncherOne and SpaceShipTwo edging closer to space


I think we’ve learned enough about how the Human body reacts to micro-gravity… enough to know that people should not be exposed to it for extended periods. Further study of it is just human experimentation for no good reason. All craft (namely Lunar Gateway) intended for extended human occupation in micro-gravity should have rotation for the crew Hab portion. Mirco-gravity is still important for other research… but it is well past time for us to stop exposing people to it for extended periods. Rotation is a solvable engineering problem that it’s high time we used.


Couldn’t get this picture out of my head (so of course I had to share it):
video timestamp: 1:03:38
The Layers of Pluto:

Next line would have read:
…“there is a mechanism that would literally take a taste of it”…
But I thought better of it. :smile:


Ha! I wasn’t sure anyone caught that! This is hilarious!


Well, it could have been worse. He could have thrown up a picture of Uranus… #I’m13 :smile:

On a more serious note: This was the 375th epi©sode of TMRO Space / Spacevidcast. Congratulations, you’ve come a long way in those 11 seasons!


That is awesome!
I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone draw fan art of me before.


I picture cartoon you communicating only in chat cards.


I really like the “studio” roundtable format! Nice furniture (although I saw some bouncing going on).

Jade microphone seemed a little soft? And… another guest colleague on the set! Excellent!

YouTube 1:29:30 - Carianne says - “This is why people watch”. Yes it is, and your audience likes it!

YouTube 1:37:35 - Supernova forming life and planets: Novae are necessary to life. How? Scroll down to the Periodic Table on this Wikipedia page. Nucleosynthesis - Wikipedia The color shows how that element is created. One example of many: the element Oxygen is essentially only formed by exploding massive stars. Without stars exploding, we would have no Oxygen, no life.

Idea: I forget when in the episode, but someone mentioned doing 3D animations showing different launch vehicles. Take a glance at two existing YouTubers:

  • KNews.Space with Lukas - YouTube
  • Raiz Space - YouTube
    (Hey! Invite them as a TMRO-Guest. Subcontract one of them to deliver what you are asking?)

Wow… those yellow shoes are bright! :slight_smile:

When Duta is speaking, it might be good to open up the secret curtains and get him on-screen.

You asked for likes and dislikes in the Roundtable format today.

  • LIKE: Fresh. New. Compelling. Inviting. Something different. More engaging. Easy to include a hologram. Do MORE like this!
  • DISLIKE: I sense at least one microphone was weak or echoed? Zoom in just a wee bit more to get just a bit closer to faces.

A very good episode. Thank you. This episode is an example of why I started watching TMRO a few years ago.


I have fixed this for the next episode…

I also really liked the format. I think it needs some tweaking but believe it was far more fun than the traditional news format we had. Will expand on this format idea with a few revisions to make it better.

I also think it may change how we do guests. Maybe we will have a show with a guest that joins us for news and we all just geek out about space for an hour. I don’t know if this is really what we will do here as it makes remote interviews far more complex. But it is an intriguing idea.


I think we need a plant or a tree or something. A touch of something living. Something green.


Just don’t buy a plant that is transparent and likes to hide (Shrimp)


Like maybe a giant planet?


Of course, you realize that your audience expects that background image of the Earth to slowly change into a background image of Mars? :rocket: :flushed:


Who says it isn’t? How closely have you been paying attention?