How's the TMRO marketing campaign going?


Hey guys,

A few months ago Ben was talking about a marketing campaign for TMRO. I would love to hang some posters in my university and help you guys out!




I did sorta drop the ball there, but we did create the new ‘Lets Explore’ campaign image. You have started to see that crop up in all of our social media and live video images. It is also in no small part what led to the new website.

So now my next question is: If we like this campaign and think it is worth posting, what is the best way to get that to everyone? Should I just post the high-res images to the website (or here) for people to download and print themselves? Should I have posters made and available for sale at cost? If so, any preferences as to who I print with? Or does the campaign need a bit more love first?


Ben, The image looks great. Posting the image files for download and print might leave it open to others ‘adding’ things that might not go with the show. Perhaps printing them and making them availble via the swag store … maybe even include one or two with each shipment, would better allow you to keep on top of the branding.


Thanks for the answer, Ben.
I think the poster may need some specific links, where to find TMRO and watch or how to connect. Basically one more line below the logo.

As to how to get it out, I suggest putting a high res image somewhere so people can print themselfs would be cool. Reasons are: print locally = no shipping cost; if I buy one, if would like to hang where I see it (at home).

In general, you would have to pay for publicity, but selling them in the swag store would be quite the contrary. Extra income is nice for the show, but it won’t help with reaching a broader audience.

I get Tim McConnell’s point, and I don’t know how to circumvent this. Maybe give out the file only to patreons or people that ask for it. I would be happy to provide pictures of the poster and where it hangs, to ensure you of the quality, but this would only help in comforting you.


I understand the risk of making the files available for download – But frankly we run that risk no matter what. So I’ll be making them freely available to all who want them.

Want to keep the poster clean and easy to consume. Don’t want tooooo much text on the bottom. If the community has ideas on what to do / say there I’m more than happy to tweak.

I also have a demo shirt coming from TeeSpring. If I like it I’ll make it available for sale.


That sounds great!

I like the simplicity of the poster with its ten words, too. Add something like “On youtube, twitter or” would be sufficient, in my opinion.

Definitly looking forward to the shirt!


have you thought about using Facebook advertising? It seems to be really good at targeting and it’s easy to control your budget.


We actually do Facebook ads. But have not done anything with this campaign just yet.


Challenge coins. The thought of challenge coins came to my simple mind. I don’t know exactly how to use them for advertising. Would make a great item for the swag store … and please no need to sell at cost. Perhaps as a Patreon gift about a certain level. Challenge coin - Wikipedia


I had no idea what these were until I followed the link. I think these would be fun to give out to guests who show up in person and certain Citizen reward levels at a minimum. I’ll look in to this a bit.

I also need to get TMRO patches going.


Ohh yeah patches and coins … I’ll save a spot on my camp blanket for a TMRO patch. As a side note have you thought of arranging swag stores on diffent continents. Just thinking perhaps bulk shipping some stock to someone out in the world who can then ship from closer to end user might reduce postage a bit.


That would be a good idea. International shipping for a 3$ sticker to the EU is 35-65$. Quite absurd :smiley:


Actually, that may be an area where some people can help TMRO. Store and forward swag stuffs. And/or we just need to find international last mile services like Amazon to help with fulfillment. But I have never been able to figure out how to deal with the lack of a UPC.


Especially true for small and light items like stickers. A packet of those would be small and relatively cheap to send from the US. While shipping costs for individual stickers inside the EU would be in the order of 1-2€ maybe.

For bigger stuff like coffee cups, t-shirts, etc Amazon’s FBA would probably be a better fit. Regarding the UPC, it seems they use their own barcodes for individual items that you’d have to print and stick to each item anyway.

Another option for swag is to use (international or local) services like Zazzle where they provide the materials and shipping, while you provide the design and take a cut from the sale. The downside is you’re limited to their range of products.


Send Stoj back to Upsidedown with a suitcase full and don’t let her back till she has sold it all … one continent fixed :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding great to see you back in the studio Lisa.