HI SEAS interview - Was Mars, now Moon


This Atlantic interview is from June.
TMRO folks might find it interesting since TMRO’s own Lisa Stojanovski is quoted.

I started down this rabbit hole today when I read a tweet by Corey S. Powell today who tweeted that “…the Dutch entrepreneur behind NASA’s Mars simulation in Hawaii is reconceiving it as a training ground for human missions to the Moon.”


I saw this too. Nowhere does the first article answer the obvious question, “Why was the on call doctor not answering?” That is a pretty serious breach. In the military this could lead to a court martial. Even the whole idea of the emergency response being at least an hour away on poor roads is something that is questionable (though maybe less so for two Aussies and a Scott).


It was Presidents Day, a public holiday. There was also no set procedure that listed what things were/were not appropriate to call the doctor for, or what to do in the event they didn’t answer.


“It was Presidents Day your honor.”

“Oh well if it was a holiday,… Case dismissed. Let’s go have Thanksgiving dinner and hope no one chokes on anything.”

@MiniStoj Thanks for clarifying btw. I’m sorry you guys had your experience cut short by this.


By the way, I feel it was absolutely the correct thing for Lisa to terminate under the unacceptable, unsafe conditions imposed by HI SEAS. @MiniStoj, you did the right thing.


The moon :crescent_moon: has two weeks of extreme cold then two weeks of extreme heat. Compared to mars constant coldness. The engineering is quite different.

Will the bfr starship take 100 people or just nasas dozen astronauts trained at Houston? :rocket: :telescope: :satellite:


I kind of love how Musk’s 100 person ship idea has rendered 40 years of studies which assumed 4-6 crew members largely irrelevant.


I don’t think the first crews will be large, maybe 15 people max. You want to carry all of the payload you can for the first few missions. Every ounce counts.


The way I see it, the first several launch windows will be robot ships to help pre-build a habitat. So there will be between 2-6 rocket payloads full of supplies already. That’ll leave a lot of room for people on the crewed mission.


You poop before you board, because there’s no bathroom for the next 54.6 million km!