Helping out in those mentioned "other ways"


jarred and ben mentioned the possibility to help in other ways. i’m not a developer and my social media presence is non-existent. so, not much to offer there.

i’m a 3d generalist by trade with a background in film making though. if you’re ever in need of a 3d animation i’d be glad to help. not entirely sure at what point you would need one. maybe the community has an idea?

judging by the quality of your awesome motion graphics i guess you’re all set anyways.
just wanted to put it out there. just in case.


p.s.: also, new here. so - hi everyone!


Hey Tanner!

Thanks for joining us on the community forums and for watching the show! Actually, we could probably use some help with 3D animations - I’ve always wanted some kickass sciencey stuff to show on screen. I just don’t know what form that would take.

Great to know what skills exist in our community!


Hey Lisa!

Kickass siencey stuff sounds great!

The biggest challenge would probably be the fact that I’d need a few days to complete any given animation. Even a week or two, depending on the complexity of the “project”. Your science segments seem pretty current each weak. I guess the turnaround for a typical tmro-segment is about a week?

I’d be definitely up for it though. My area of expertise is photorealism. The special effects a science animation calls for would be a chance for me to learn and refine new techniques. Something I was planing to do anyways.

Maybe there’s other CG capable members in the community that I could collaborate with, to shorten that turnaround?

Anyways. You now know where to find me.



Hi Tanner, Looking forward to what you come up with… Unfortunately, I am probably no help(besides moral support !), I am just starting to learn 3d modeling (2 weeks now), Mainly for a personal build/maker project. However, have been looking at switching software tools and have been looking at Blender as my tool for 3d technical design ( Which is probably a bad choice as its got so much other stuff to distract me like animation !)

Anyway good luck with this project !


Hey Tobi!

As an experienced 3d modeler I can assure you it would be far more frustrating to outgrow a 3d application that’s too simple.
One can easily be overwhelmed by a feature rich package like Blender, that is true. If you keep at it though, you won’t regret your decision.
There’s tons of excellent Blender-tutorials on Youtube these days and I keep hearing good things about its supportive community. Definitely a good choice,


Thanks for the encouragement… :slight_smile: I am very non productive on blender at the moment !! :frowning: I watch through the tutorials and I start blender and … I Cant do a thing… LOL !! at the moment I think I will just watch through the Tutorals just to get an idea of what and how to do stuff… Then, later will go through in detail step by step with both the tut and app at the same time… sigh…


Well, if you guys are looking for an animation project, I might have an idea…

I don’t know if anyone on the TMRO team is interested, but I’ve always thought that animations of how artificial gravity would work would be very interesting to see and talk about. Some of the best visuals ever done have been from movies.

2001 A Space Odyssey:

Mission to Mars:

However, these fail to capture some of the more interesting Coriolis effects. For example, if you run spinward, you weigh more, and, if you run antispinward, you weigh less (I wonder which way Dave is running…). If you run fast enough, you can actually become weightless. A ball thrown at just the right velocity (ignoring air resistance) will “float” all the way around until it returns to its thrower. If you climb a ladder, ride an elevator, or even just sit down or stand up, you are pushed spinward/antispinward. If you drop an object or pour a liquid, it doesn’t fall straight down, it curves. Air currents and convection (i.e. dynamic effects of buoyancy) create interesting patterns and air conditioning/plumbing challenges. There are also a bunch of physiological oddities with the human sense of balance that could be explored/explained with animations.

One of the things that bugged me about the Gateway foundation video is the animated people are walking about 45° off the gravity vector:

There’s clearly a lack of good animations out there for this topic.

If you all decided you want to do this, I can provide the math and some links to helpful research papers. Sadly, my 3d-animation-fu is not strong, but I may still be able to help code any physics modelling that may be required.


I mentioned that “wrong gravity” to the gateway foundation people and that said that many have mentioned it they said that they just wanted to show the “idea” that its like an airport… probably too expensive to animate it correctly.

Also the old movies were not “animated” they were actual sets made and filmed on earth… pretty good but cant expect too much … :slight_smile: