Help with After Effects intros


Hello community of TMRO,

I’m working on a new news-ish transition between the weather and traffic reports inside of Space News. Grabbed an AE template from VideoHive that got me most of the way there, but I want to have the TMRO logo work without a circle. See the image reference below:

The whole circle and logo pull out of the graphic and reveal the scene behind it. I can easily remove the circle, but then the transparency map is all wrong and doesn’t match the logo correctly. Does anyone have the AE powers and time necessary to help create the proper animated mattes to follow the edge of the logo?

We have three different elements I would like to tweak:

  • Space Weather
  • Space Traffic
  • 1 Second Transition

Not super required but the template is 1920x1080 and I would also love to take the time to boost it to 3820x2160 @24 fps