Help needed: Captioning/Subtitles for TMRO shows


Over 60% of TMRO’s Youtube audience is outside the US - we’re excited about getting the whole world inspired about space and science, but we need help.

Right now the only way to watch our content is in English, and we’re looking to the community to help us make this better for everyone.

If you speak a different language than English and you have time to contribute, here’s how you can do so:

  1. Click on the ‘…’ next to where the thumbs up/down buttons are, then click ‘Add Translations’

  2. Click ‘Switch Language’ next to English and pick the language you would like to work in. You can also choose if you would like to be credited in the video description with the checkbox ‘Credit my contribution’

  3. Begin translating and transcribing! If you don’t know where to start, our newest videos are the ones which need help the most.

Thank you so much for supporting TMRO to become global.


If you do it, do you have to do an entire Video or can you just do a part and then its referenced to the right time…? Asking because doing an entire show is a lot of work for just one person…


Hey Jazz,

You can just translate the Title and Description, which takes much less time. This is still really helpful and a lot more manageable for one person.

We really appreciate your help!


Hey Stoj, I could actually do a few minutes at a time. I’m just not sure if this can be put together in a collaborative way with several people contributing. In other cases I might do another couple of minutes a few days later and chip away at the task that way…


Looks like you can work in teams to contribute!

You can submit content for an entire video or just add what you know. If you see existing content that’s been added by someone else from the community, you can add the parts that are missing — every little bit helps. If enough people have already contributed transcriptions or translations for a video, you’ll be prompted to help review the content instead of adding to it.


Thanks for the info, Stoj

I’ve already tested it and translated part of Space Mike’s launch minute video into German (I’m Swiss so I speak German as well). I tried to stick to a literal translation wherever possible but in some parts I needed to diverge a bit with a more idiomatic translation for need of clarity and brevity. Other German speakers are welcome to comment on my effort…


You tube does an automated translation, see the start of this one