Help creating some giveaways - Looking for devs, researchers and copywriters


Hello Citizens,

The team is working behind the scenes on an EPIC item that we want to make available to citizens of TMRO. There won’t be enough to go around (not by a long shot) so we want to create a contest of sorts. These things can be tricky as there are a lot of rules and regulations around these… So we need some help!

  1. Looking for people to help research exactly what we are and are not allowed to do. Both YouTube and Patreon have some basic data to get started. But we also need to understand where we can and can not have this contest.

  2. It is very clear that we need to have a contests rules page on our website. Help in determining what we need to put there from a legal standpoint would be appreciated. Need someone (or a group) to look at other pages and draft something that makes sense for TMRO.

  3. I believe we need to make this free for anyone to enter. But what I think is the most fair is that we base it on the lifetime contribution of your Patreon membership. I’m thinking that every dollar you have ever spent with us gets you 10 entries. Then if you want to sign up for free we would have a place where you can register without contributing at all and get a free entry in to the system. Once it is time to determine winners, a randomized system would go through all of the names in the list and all of the entries they have and pick a winner.

What think? I can’t tell you what the prizes are just yet because we don’t have all of our ducks in a row… But if we can pull this off IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!

Thoughts? Help???!!!


I should add, anyone working on this project obviously gets entries in to the system as well. And if we can, I would love to be able to share this basic setup and research with others in the space industry so we don’t all have to do the same work over and over and over again. All ships, something, something.


Is there a way to collect entries and automatically pair them with Patreon data? Like API or an exported table with sum of past contributions? Or that would be done manually?

Generally it feels like an Omaze or Gleam giveaway. In Gleam there is an option to give Patreon patrons extra entries, but I don’t think that would be in proportion to past $ contributions but a fixed number.


I was just looking at Gleam

I’m not a fan of anything manual unless we have to :wink: Long term the idea is that we have more than just this one contest and reward people for being loyal to the show. I like the idea of Gleam as people can get entries for more than just Patreon but also for things like subscribing on YouTube, commenting, following on Twitter, etc. I really like all of that, but also rewarding the people who financially make the show happen!


Was reading through this and was thinking about gleam at first as well. And I am not totally sure gleam does patreon integration. Can’t find anything about it other than somebody doing a little “hack” where they ask for the users to send a picture of their patreon. Also can’t find anything on Gleam Integrations for patreon.

So maybe we do need to do our own! Are we still looking into making our own community contribution thing? Maybe we could merge them together where there can be a monthly/weekly/daily giveaway for say “tier #” and above kinda thing? Idk just my two cents.


Not opposed to this. But if we do I would like to open it up so others can use it too. And/or if Gleam has an API we can tie in to that may be an option to pull users in that way too. I really, really, really like the idea of having this tied to more than just Patreon.

I believe I can import the Patreon CSV file in to Gleam. Sounds like that is viable. Was going to test later when I’m on a network less… uh… restrictive :wink:


And that made me think of integrating with chat as a whole as well as when somebodies question or statement gets used in the show, to give them more entries into said giveaway. Would give people more incentives to ask questions during the show that could make our interactions greater.


Would also make people want to ask or say something “good” rather than trying to “troll” or stir up stuff. Idk, would make things so much better though in a way.


This would be nice, but in addition to Twitter, YouTube, etc. Right now my focus on chat is still on the basics: stability, getting user icons in there, and better management/marking of posts. If we can sneak something like this in, awesome – But I really want to get the core done before we branch out too far.


ATM. Chat is never going to be completely done. There will always be something wanted to be added. But yea, if this was added it wouldn’t even be close to even being thought out for at least a few months. At most, I could export TARS data if needed right now.


if memory serves (sorry about to run out the door) there is a total contributions field in the pateron API that can be grabbed. However you would still need to get data from makersupport??


Just random thoughts here. For the purposes of engaging your audience in the interest of promoting space development, then shall we draw upon established marketing evidence body of knowledge for how effective contests are to change audience involvement? Secondly, as a sort of common sense, without knowing the prize, would it not make sense to award it not necessarily to the greatest donor, nor the most involved commentor, but to the person who would most benefit personally and collectively? You wouldn’t award a barometer to someone clumsy enough to drop it, and you wouldn’t give a car to anyone who couldn’t pay the insurance, taxes, gasoline and repairs, would you? And judging from some of the comments, there are some clueless and overreaching people in the audience. With that in mind, an EPIC prize could hardly be awarded fairly, if by fairly you mean randomly. And awarding the prize to someone who could afford to buy it themselves would be pointless, although I’m imagining an EPIC prize would be beyong the resources of any one person. Yes, picking a worthy winner would probably involve some non-automated curation.


I think this is the only proper way to do it. I’m trying to find a way to acknowledge peoples contributions to the show, create a point value for that and then give them access to the possible prize. The more points you have, the more chances you have to win. That’s the most fair way I can think of to make this happen.