Hawaii Kilauea Eruption Resources


Kilauea has been erupting and shows no signs of stopping. I’ve been sorta covering it on twitter and some other forums… So I’ll add this one and post a bunch of sources for up to date info.

landing page for USGS, pictures and text description updates

USGS web cams

new web cam pointed at fissure 8 (the active one)

official interactive map

My map which I still maintain.

another community maintained map.

My Imgur album maintained since the start of all this.

Youtube channel give regular offical updates.
Big Island Video News

Facebook group. If you’re looking for the most up to date info this is the place to find it. Locals post their pictures and reports of lava movement sometimes days before official sources put out updates.

Hawaii radio scanner for the big island.

Everything is better with pictures.


This person regularly has videos from dawn overflights of the area.

Hawaii Civil Defense post pictures to a flickr account.

I have more… but I think I’ll edit them into the first post once I can post more links.

pic I screen grabed from that guy’s over flights of the current ocean entry.


On Twitter, Dr. Janine Krippner provides good info also.


Dawn flight video for 7/22/2018 just released.


We live on a dynamic and fascinating planet!


The current dynamic at the volcano:

The near surface magma chamber at the summit is draining into the rift zone and emerging at Fissure 8 in the center of the Leilani Estates subdivision. As the chamber drains the summit caldera collapses into it. The fairly steady drain rate has resulted in collapses occurring at remarkably regular intervals. (About every 24 ish hours… sometimes a bit more or less)

Each collapse… when the rock impacts the magma surface it sends a pressure wave through the system and results in increased flow out of Fissure 8 some time later.

There was a collapse earlier today (7/24/2018) at 6:41am Hawaii local time. 16:41 UTC. And I just looked at the USGS Web cam positioned at the PGV (Geo thermal electric plant) and can see the flow in the lava river has increased. The level of the lava is higher than it was in previous hours and several small overflows are occurring. Small overflows are typical during these flow increases and while they usually don’t make it to new ground to cover… they can become a major break out.

the cam I’m looking at.


Latest flow map.(7/24/2018)


Without having seen this thread, I posted this video to the TMRO twitter account yesterday. It’s 3 reasons why Kilauea won’t erupt violently:

Gosh, I still can’t believe I was walking in the exact spot of all these new flows only 5 months ago. I sure got lucky.


… things can always get worse.



And things might be getting better. The last collapse at the summit was Aug 2. And the volume of flow from Fissure 8 is way way down. This could just be a pause… or things could be coming to an end. It’s hard to know with volcanoes. Sometimes what appears to be a slowdown is just a prelude to more violent explosions and greater volumes of lava. Only time will tell.

pics from today 8/5


some more USGS cams have come online.


but in particular:
https://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/cams/panorama.php?cam=LPcam Looking South East from Pohoiki rd. and 132 intersection.

https://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/cams/panorama.php?cam=LQcam ???

https://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/cams/panorama.php?cam=LScam Think this one is looking East with the Fissure 8 cone on the right side of the view.
https://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/cams/panorama.php?cam=LTcam Think this is same spot but looking North up Nohea St.


not dead yet.



Absolutely gorgeous images. Do we have a height on the cone?


I asked USGS, 130 Feet.