Guest suggestions for TMRO:Science


I have a test call from the habitat next week!! I’m super excited!

Definitely keen to talk alternative energy sources!

Some of the research found a link to Telomeres (which a good friend of mine did research on) so this is super interesting to me. Also, I love sleeping.

Always keen to learn more about the ‘fasting’ trend and what the data says.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions - I’m reaching out to them all, fingers crossed


I’d love to hear about Telomeres too.

I’ve been taking Nicotinamide Riboside for about 3 months now after hearing about it from Bill Faloon at the church for perpetual life


peter attia because nutrition research is corner stone of long term space. By how can someone that swim over 20 miles in ocean not be cool.


jason fang as he has papers coming out soon about fasting


Should get Ben to do a space pod from inside spacex factory. New tech, materials, space suits etc.