Guest suggestions for TMRO:Science


Who do you want to see on TMRO:Science?

What kind of science topics or research do you wish you had the chance to ask an expert about?

Personally, I want to talk to someone about CRISPR, where the tech is at and whether it can live up to the hype that mainstream media is encouraging.

I also want to talk to people from the the German space agency about their EDEN project (athough this guest probably belongs on the Space show)


More guests I think I want in the pipeline:

Dr Ruth Ruprecht looking at how to prevent HIV infection - Research shows a promising new class of antibodies protects against HIV-1 infection | EurekAlert! Science News

Assistant Professor William Chueh looking at ‘flow batteries’ - New battery could store wind and solar electricity affordably and at room temperature | EurekAlert! Science News

Assistant Professor Brennan Phillips - Origami-inspired device enables easy capture, release of delicate underwater organisms | EurekAlert! Science News


Living longer
2 different but similar research done by Australian scientists. These drugs can possibly be used on the Mars missions to reduce the effect of radiation or mitigate it. Both systems coming online next year… Just in time for Mars ? !!



Dr. Lucy Jones would be awesome and she’s local. She’s one of the world’s leading seismologists, anytime there was an earthquake in LA she’d be the one at the press conference giving out the info, and is very dedicated to improving scicom:


I hate add another TMRO program, but interest in health is huge. If there is one segment of science that is of interest to EVERYONE, that is human health and leading edge of health science.

TMRO: Health
TMRO: Human


Amazing new technology to see into the body using just light.

You may not be able to get her to the show but one of her team should be possible.


Thank you for all the suggestions! I’m reaching out - so lets cross our fingers!

We’re building up an awesome list of people doing awesome stuff.

FYI we’re close to booking EDEN ISS. A greenhouse designed for space which is currently undergoing testing in Antarctica!


I’m looking at the team members for eden: University of Guelph, Canada and Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands do good research for space. Here’s a couple of my favorites (well worth a read if you can find 'em).

Nardone, E., P.G. Kevan, M. Stasiak, and M. Dixon. Atmospheric Pressure Requirements of Bumblebees (Bombus impatiens) as Pollinators of Lunar or Martian Greenhouse Grown Food. Gravitational and Space Biology; Vol. 26 (2). Oct 2012.

Wehkamp, C.A. et al. Radish (Raphanus sativa L. cv. Cherry Bomb II) Growth, Net Carbon Exchange Rate, and Transpiration at Decreased Atmospheric Pressure and / or Oxygen. Gravitational and Space Biology Volume 26 (1). April 2012.

Also, have you seen this? Amundsen-Scott already did a south-pole greenhouse with University of Arizona:

Patterson, L. G.A. Giacomelli, P.D. Sadler. Resource and Production Model for the South Pole Food Growth Chamber. doi:10.4271/2008-01-2011. SAE Technical Paper 2008-01-2011. 2008.

The same folks have a Mars/Lunar Greenhouse Prototype:


Would be really “Cool” (LOL) if you could get the guy live from the greenhouse/habitat itself !! :slight_smile:



It would be great to have Kirk Sorensen as a guest to talk about Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. A tech the United States developed in the 60s and 70s to breed U233 from Th232. The fluid nature of the fuel allows online extraction of fission products allowing a more complete burnup of the fuel. Light Water Reactors(solid fuel) burn up only 0.5% of the fuel before it must be extracted and discarded as waste. Heavy Water Reactors burning 0.07%.

What I have learned of this technology is very thrilling. Being held back by the old guard of 1950s reactor designs. I hope Kirk can do for nuclear power what Elon Musk is doing for rockets.


Heavy and light water reactors were both “dual use” technologies (i.e. could be used for war defense as well as energy production) because they were able to enrich fissile material for nuclear weapons.

The thorium reactors designs however had to be severely twisted in order to produce even small amounts of weapons material.

Instead of this being a viewed as a good feature, it was the tehcnology’s downfall. Because these reactors had so little applicability as weapons systems, it was difficult for their research programs to find funding from the US defense industry. That’s why the R&D stopped so unceremoniously. If the US government had had the foresight to continue funding through non-defense research grants the technology might have actually taken off. Even now, the US government requires research on liquid salt reactors to have some kind of side benefit for light water reactors before they’ll fund it. It’s a sad tale.


just to clarify, this is not a sodium cooled reactor. This is a Fluid Fueled Reactor. The fuel is in a liquid state so fission products can be removed at the same time as new fuel added. All solid fuel reactors have the same issue of fission products are bound up in the fuel itself. This was one of the causes of Chernobyl, naughty xenon gas.

Trying to spread the word about this old technology that was set aside for political reasons. There are a few mixed and remixed videos on YouTube if anyone would care to watch.
YouTube watch the first 5 minutes if nothing else.


That editing on that remix video is amazingly good.
Poor Kirk Sorensen preaching to tiny crowds in someone’s basement… The guy doesn’t get nearly enough exposure.
Here’s another good video, featuring Kirk & Baroness Worthington touring Oak Ridge:


Here is my favorite. A short video made by Oak Ridge itself.

A real technology that ran for thousands of hours.


I’d like to hear science talk to Matthew Walker from UC, who is selling his new book “Why we sleep”. I’m reading it right now and its a page turner.

but my dream guest would be Elizabeth Blackburn


I would suggest bringing Phil Mason aka Thunderf00t on YouTube for a discussion on pseudoscience. He is controversial because of his direct attack on creationism but there is no need to talk about that. He does a great job debunking those selling “snake oil” like solar highways.


Yeah? and debunking the hyperloop ? … The solar highway was his one big win… not sure if he has had others … No I would not be inviting him…


I also suggest Valter Longo who is in the LA area and wrote a great book about eating properly and how its connected to longevity.
I haven’t read it yet because I’m still on Matthew Walker’s book, but its up next


Just because you may disagree with him about something that our lord and savior, the Elon, is promulgating doesn’t mean he would not make an interesting guest …