Goodbye to Dawn and Kepler, 8K video from Space and Soyuz FailureInvestigation - Orbit 11.43


We tweaked the roundtable news format a bit. Still working on timing for this as clearly we’re going suuuuuuuper long. But fun nonetheless. Lisa, Mike, Cariann, Jared and Benjamin nerd out over the latest comic happenings while interacting with the community! Would love your feedback and what we’re doing right and wrong here.

Launch Minute:

  • Zhuque-1 | Weilai-1
  • Long March 2C | CFOSat
  • H-IIA | GOSAT-2
  • Long March 3B | Beidou-3 G1Q/GEO-1

Space News:

  • First 8K footage from space
  • Goodbye Dawn, Goodbye Kepler
  • Investigation completed on the Soyuz MS-10 launch failure
  • Science at 28163 km per hour - ISS Science Update
  • Yep, We’ve Got A Black Hole


It is quite compelling how SpaceMike looks left and right depending on who is talking. This is excellent interaction, must take lots of practice, and it differentiates TMRO. Good!

Hologram alignment. Don’t know if it was planned or not, but the line on the wall behind SpaceMike lined up almost perfectly with the studio portal edge. This, plus the head-turning above, almost makes it look as if he is actually there.

And, I truly like how TMRO provides support for certain staff to attend and report from topical conferences. This strengthens all aspects, and is a good thing to do.

Heard in the episode: “Nobody needs Kale”. Ackk… cut it fine and sprinkle it onto your pizza, then bake the pizza a little bit well-done. Tasty! Wait… maybe it’s the giardiniera I’m thinking about? Hmm…

European Southern Observatory the “Gravity” experiment: Very clear detail of the galactic center, and the stars orbiting the central Black Hole. Very inspiring. This is a compelling achievement; to combine the light from multiple telescopes like that. I will try to learn more.

And… my ears perked when I heard this sentence near the end of the show. “We want to maintain a quality community, with good growth”. Hey!, that sounds like a “Strategy” statement that could be inserted in any possible list of TMRO Strategies that you might be working on.

Another good, interactive, informative, fun episode. You might think it too long, but not me.


That’s in part where we got it! I have a strategy doc we’re working on now. Really, truly thinking these things through is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be!


Regarding US astronauts utilizing Soyuz after commercial crew comes online, NASA has an agreement with Roscosmos to essentially trade seats. This means that even if US astronauts fly on the Soyuz, the US will not be purchasing those seats; just trading Roscosmos a seat for their use on commercial crew. This does mean a reduction in $ to Roscosmos and that reduction could have a negative impact on Soyuz reliability.