General Starship and Super Heavy


New booster legs

Mars plane design

Russian rocket trails, last night launch


This foam (metal) armor would be great for micrometeorite protection for spacecraft. I think it would work great with the Starship since it is essentially the same type of metal. Also it may be a good compliment to the heat shield; the video mentions its insulating properties. … also mentions the foam armor’s radiation protection properties.


Molten material flows through a nosel where an extra pipe pumps in air and foam comes out (invented 1980s uk). If too much air is pumped in, it will turn into porus sponge material, (examine washing-up sponges)



Polysilicone can also be bubbled for extra insulation material.

In reentry testing foams soak up heat amazingly, but it is ablativley damaged and cannot be reused.


For the heat shield the foam metal could be designed to allow water or fuel to flow through giving it a role as a heat shield, micrometeorite shield and radiation shield.


Researchers create ultra-lightweight ceramic material that withstands extreme temperatures

Re entry impact would probably smash this


3rd barge landing pad under construction, for the falcon heavy, called: “A Shortfall of Gravitas”



Tank fabricators will work to build the primary airframe of the Starship and Super Heavy vehicles at the SpaceX South Texas build site. The tank fabricator will work with an elite team of other fabricators and technicians to rapidly build the tank (cylindrical structure), tank bulkheads, and other large associated structures for the flight article design of both vehicles.


I just read an article about double negative ceramic aerogels that might work to the same effect but be much lighter. But I just saw Roger beat me to it by 5 days…


The space shuttle had annoying ceramic foam block tiles, many needed to be replaced for surface scorching damage.

Any material that streches with heat might creak and crack. NASA tests space materials aboard ISS. MISSIE testing is at nasa glen cleveland ohio. They will have lightweight polysilicates space plastics.