General Starship and Super Heavy


Popular Mechanics interviews Elon about stainless steel and starship … Elon Musk Interview: Why the Starship Is Built of Stainless Steel


I hereby proclaim that Super Heavy should be renamed StarLifter.


Hah, it’s a perspiratory heatshield. I’ve only ever read about that being used in theoretical radiators during aerobraking. Water vapor is very infrared opaque, it would be very good in this role. Fuel less so.



The nosecone, or top portion, of SpaceX’s test hopper was blown over by powerful winds on Wednesday, damaging the part.


I wonder if the President said by the end of his second term would NASA have said we can do that?


This was a pretty stunning rebuke of Russia’s space chief, Dmitry Rogozin.

“We need to quit projecting future plans, stop talking about where our missions will land in 2030, get to work, talk less, and do more.”6HDvykyd

Angara rocket suffers another setback in Vostochny



I expected, and I guess most others did too, that the heatshield would be internal and reusing the gas. Like you do in kerbal when pumping fuel for heat.

Question: is the perspiring active heatshield that new?
I think SpaceX already do this with falcon9 when re-entry burn hits atmosphere, just look how the plume dispersion changes, giving a plasma shield sitting away from rocket.

Am I thinking of this right?


#10 Starship Cam views the Spacex Starship, the Launch Pad, Isla Blanca Beach Park which is the closest possible launch viewing area, and the beach at South Padre Island Texas. Enjoy free continuous live streams and recordings of all upcoming launches, and Starship launch schedules and the latest SpaceX Boca Chica news.


Elon just dropped some images and details on Raptor. Elon Musk on Twitter: "Preparing to fire the Starship Raptor engine at @SpaceX Texas… "




Unfortunately Starlifter. Is the name of a Plane…

I like PopStar ! or MegaStar ! :wink: Or DeathStar ! or StarWalker :wink: or since they use Raptor engines maybe RapStar ?

Seriously , I like StarRiser or StarRise ! or maybe StarFlare


Yeah that would be the Lockheed C-141 cargo plane for the Air Force. I don’t think they have trademarked Starlifter. Plus they were retired in 2006.


I didn’t know the BE-4 was so large


It’s quite the step up from the BE-3! Looks like its about the size of the RS-25? Maybe a little bigger.

I wonder who will be next to develop something the size of the F1


Ariane vulcain engine



And we had a short firing of Raptor in Texas. (two videos in thread)


Russian super heavy


Another great update from Elon out at Texas.

Raptor seems to be moving along well. Any thoughts on when we’ll see the first Starhopper hop?


And more good news from SpaceX/Elon today. Raptor passed the bar chamber pressure record previously held by the RD180, during its 11 second firing.