Has TMRO ever interviewed this group?

Their concepts and ideas look well researched.


Gateway Foundation - Orbit 11.27


thank you for checking and researching. I am glad you already did an interview. What they are proposing looks promising.


Also Scott Manley weighed in recently.


Scott Manly has some cool shirts :slight_smile:

Their design plans look very thorough.


Trouble is nice drawings don’t necessarily make for a good build. The engineering for the forces involved in something like this would take much much working out. I hope something comes of it. I expect with super heavy lifters coming online soon (we hope) we are going to see many concepts come up for stations and habitats … not all will make it but some will the best we can do is be positive & watch. The TMRO show was good and Scott Manly’s recent post brings up some interesting points. None of the possible downs he brings up would be unfix-able with some thought and ingenuity so as he says lets wait and see.


Agreed. The idea has been around since 1955. It would be great if by 2036 something would materialize in space that is similar between the two designs. Humans need artificial gravity for long duration space travel that is a given.
If the ISS could be managed by commercial companies past 2024, maybe something further could be built from that. It would be a real waste to see the ISS burn up just like Skylab did in 1979.


I’m confident a spinning station will be built. Most likely by a commercial company.

Why? Because comfort will be demanded by their customers going up to spend time on a station. No one wants to Poo in Micro gravity… Seriously… it sticks to you… you have to pull or vacuum it off yourself… and then the wiping… They are limited in how much material can be used for this…

Just having a little gravity would make all the difference in the world to comfort.

There is plenty of good research to be done in Micro gravity… But I think we know all we need to know about its effect on Humans. It’s high time NASA stopped exposing astronauts to it for extended periods and mandated that all future long duration craft… be they stations or craft going to Mars and back have rotation for the Crew quarters at least.

LOP-G would be a great place for rotation to be implemented. If they plan for Lunar exploration to be the model for Mars exploration then they should make the LOP-G station the core of a Mars Transfer vehicle by making it a rotating crew habitation experiment primarily.

They aren’t going to though… so I think Commercial companies will beat them to it.


Indeed there seems to be more urgency for Commercial companies and more reasons to develop and deploy such tech. After all a Positive G trip to somewhere else in the Solar system is going to sell better than a Micro Gravity one.