From Rocket Bikes to Starhopper - Orbit 12.02


Peter Beck joins us today to chat how Rocket Lab will ramp their launch cadence in 2019, and how it just may have all started with a rocket powered motorbike. We also take bets on when SpaceX’s next generation test rocket, the Starhopper, will fly. When do you think we’ll see it launch?

Topics covered today:

  • SpaceX Starhopper and Crew Dragon Demo Mission-1
  • OSIRIS-Rex mission begins orbiting asteroid Bennu
  • Peter Beck (Rocket Lab CEO) chats Rocket Bikes and Rocket Lab’s 2019 plans


I just caught the episode.
I think you guys nailed it with this one.
Really nice show.
I wanna see a photo of the framed dollar on the wall


This is the 385th epi©sode of TMRO Space (formerly Spacevidcast)…


Yeah, I really liked the overall feeling of this show. We had a slow start (which is the worst place to be slow) but as a whole I think you can sorta see the vision here. A few more kinks to work out, but that is to be expected. The back 1/2 of the show is really what I want the whole thing to feel like. If we can get that going for the whole thing, I believe we’ll have a winner!