Forum UI idea and mockup


Would it be possible and would other people like it if the categories drop down list and the categories button were removed and replaced with just the list of categories like in this mock up image I made?

I’d expect clicking on any one of those to work the same as currently clicking the “all categories” drop down list and then the category. It would just make it 1 click and remove the redundant buttons.

1 extra click might not seem like much but in UI design you want things to be as streamlined as possible. See it… click it. Not click to reveal it then click it.

just thought I’d ask and see if anyone else agreed.


However the two click way has to be kept for phones and other small screens that have not enough space for this…
written on my phone.


I think a better idea might be an optional “tree view” with pluses and minus to touch or click on to expand or collapse. This would be easily adaptable across platforms.