Exploring Asgardia, the first Space Nation - Orbit 12.06


This week we welcome on Lena De Winne, the Deputy Head of Administration of Asgardia to talk about what Asgardia is, what they hope to accomplish and how they will get there. Asgardia is the first Space Nation and you can get more information at asgardia.space.


Pretty disappointing interview. Asgardia is dodgy, effectively they have a cubesat and a website. The bureaucracy is insanely large considering that they are essentially a thought bubble. Asgardia wants to establish space stations, moon settlements etc but with no realistic plan.

The interviewers imo needed to be much more sceptical. Just accepting statements that Asgardia’s immediate goals include constructing a settlement in low earth orbit with artificial gravity, beggars belief.

I’m a big fan of your show, and contribute through Patreon, but really guys, I believe you have to go in a bit harder when people are so obviously “off with the fairies”. If you feel that a well researched, probing interview is not the way you want to go, then perhaps you shouldn’t interview organisations such as Asgardia, because you’re giving them a degree of credibility that they don’t deserve.


I should agree with Bsf_Aurora. And because I have legal education background i see no way how Asgardia can be recognized as a State right now. So at least for now it’s just a fairy tale. Sorry.
Some their claims do not withstand elementary criticism. Lack of logic. I do not know is it interview itself or is it something wrong with person who was interviewed. But somethings is amiss.
p.s. if you decide to watch Asgardia’s Minister of Finance talk in Davos Asgardia’s Minister of Finance talk lets start a video from 49:28


I hate to say this, as I’ve been watching TMRO for years, but I switched off after about 10 minutes. As others have said, something that is a dream, with nothing solid at the moment, is not an interview topic that keeps me interested. I’ll continue to look forward to TMRO interviews every week, but this episode just didn’t grab my attention.


Guys come on … everyone’s reality starts as a dream. This may come to something it may not … I feel more on the may not. But what is wrong with listening to what they have to say. Some of the ideas presented may well move someone or something else into the next thing that could work. While asking the difficult questions should be done at the same time I get very annoyed when interviewers do not let some express themselves but just hammer away a weak points. As was said in after dark when SpaceX first appeared lots were saying why bother talking to them nothing will come of it … now everyone is scrambling to talk to them.


I found the interview interesting. Yes, if you want to get involved in the project (because it is a project in the end) you should do a lot more research and their website is honestly a good place to start. There are so many stuff to read there and their constitution is even translated into multiple languages (no, I couldn’t be bothered to read it but from the titles of the different sections it seems that they have taken into consideration more than you might think they have). So, no, I wouldn’t say it is just an idea or just a thought bubble but I do aggree that the interviewers should be much more on edge, much more prepared and ask questions accordingly instead of mainly saying “That sounds cool”, “Awesome” and the likes. Yes, we understand you are not professional journalists and maybe you did not have the time to research Asgardia fully, but please learn from the mistakes that were done in this interview.
On a side note, I still think it would be better if we had only one interviewer and someone in the backstage who prompts questions from the chat to them from time to time.