Enhancing "hologram" SpaceMike


I was just watching the show, and thinking about the jokes you guys make about @SpaceMike being a hologram. He now had a nice background of planets. and then it just hit me. How cool would it be for his background to line up and thus merge with the studio backdrop. Sure it will take a minute to place the tv correctly before the show, but it will really make the experience so much more like a hologram. You could make a screen capture of the camera view you use for the news items without someone standing in his place, take out the part otherwise blocked by the tv. Take that part of the image and print it in the right size, and hang it behind Mike. How cool would that be?


:slight_smile: But there may be a problem with perspective … the “FOV” (in camera speak) needs to be the same. ie Mike’s camera needs to be the same distance from him as the camera in the studio is from the other hosts. I think it would be nice if that was possible but its probably too much trouble to line everything up… it would be nice though.


indeed as cool as it would be a lot off effort and expense … green screening might be an option but in the end it is the information we want along with Mikes great presentation.