Does anyone else miss the news segments in the live show?

The news segments are what made the live show appointment viewing for me. I tuned in not only to find out the events of the previous week, but also to talk about the latest exciting space news in the live chat. The interview only show format makes it feel like the live chat is restricted to the topic of the interview, and if the interview isn’t about a topical event it feels like it’s something I can watch any time.

I like the new pre-recorded news episodes, and how you’re using the set in new ways to produce them. I don’t think you need to abandon that way of producing the segments, but premiering them during the live show might bring back that sense of appointment viewing.

Also, reporting the launches from the previous week at the end of the week feels more comprehensive than reporting the launches since the previous mid-week show. The latter format feels like the show will forget about the launches in the remaining days of the week after, and reporting launches from the previous week can feel like it’s reporting old news.

I dunno, maybe I’m being too resistant to change. What do other people think?


@SpaceKyle, yes you are correct. I feel the separation (news vs interview) seems counter to the previous energy and vibrancy that TMRO used to give me each Saturday. I unfortunately now find myself doing weekend things at 1800 UTC rather than being recharged by TMRO. Sorry… probably too harsh… let me regroup my thoughts and post a better (more constructive) reply later.

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The interesting thing about TMRO and before that Spacevidcast is that lots of things have been tried over the years. I do miss the news segments during the live show, but also want to be respectful of the TMRO crew’s time.
With Space Mike moving on, this will change news segments yet again - who knows what the next iteration will be?

Yeah, I like that there are great guests on each show, but I do think it needs a little more. Also, After Dark has dwindled a bit … perhaps have others come on the set to give the hosts some relief.

As mentioned, I have been forming thoughts/ideas/suggestions about how to re-ignite the TMRO spark (which I feel went out over the last few months). But then I read the update post from @GLTCprincess. By gigantic coincidence some of my thoughts align well with the update.

The planned updates sound good, especially the community outreach aspect, roving correspondents around the world instead of focused in SoCal, etc.

I now again look forward to the journey into TMRO.

I don’t think it is the news that is missing per say but rather the sense of community. And when I look at what the show was, we were trying to take 3 independent things and slam them together in a way that didn’t quite work (at least not yet.)

My hope is that by starting ‘Letting off STEAM’ we will be able to bring that sense of community back. While at the same time being able to inform viewers via the news. And being able to inspire via interviews.

All subject to change. Always.

I agree, that splitting the shows has been a negative. Space News is too truncated and the interview often is too isolated from the news. I came originally for the news and stayed for the interviews. Now I find myself tempted to skip watching the interviews live. Discussing the news with people that actually understood was half the fun and that is diminished. Of course, I am out in the cold – late in life, looking at the space industry from the outside wishing I could find a way in, living out in the sticks where I can launch high powered solid rockets with impunity, but disconnected even from academia. Not sure if I am representative of the larger audience.