Diversification of Financing Sources


Relying on one source as a funnel for donations is dangerous. Patreon is running into problems because it has taken on itself to censor those who utilize its platform and are either tagged as unsavory or catches the eye of Patreon’s Trust and Safety Committee (Orwellian as it gets). So, I highly recommend that TMRO diversifies its revenue sources.

Odds are TMRO is a Patreon darling since it does not promulgate political ideology or … well on the other hand, it does promote what some will see as climate alarmism or some social justice matters. TMRO is not safe from ideological extremism.

My recommendation is to also use PayPal (but it is not immune to pressures from pressure groups), Bitcoin (a bit complicated but the one of the safest from outside influence.). The safest would be good old snail mail where people send a check.

Some food for thought: https://youtu.be/voO6noMRdS0


This is the very idea behind us also using MakerSupport… but that didn’t turn out very well. I remain very concerned about using Patreon and continue to look for alternate options. However, I have not seen anything that makes a ton of sense for us just yet.



Speaking of Strategy… :grinning:. Every endeavor consists of the aspects of People, Processes and Technology (some industries use People, Facilities and Info Systems). Either way, diversification is highly desirable is each company aspect.
That’s a boring, long-winded way of saying “yes, I agree”. :grinning: not quite related to a Disaster Recovery Plan, but along the same line. What does TMRO do if (insert person, facility, funding source, software, streaming service) suddenly becomes unavailable.
So… yes.


Yeah, I think we all agree – But what we don’t have just yet is a viable solution. For now we’re looking at totally alternate options like YouTube or National Science Foundation sponsorships, but no idea if those will actually work.

I am a bit interested in ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ as well Patreon Alternatives for Creators — Buy Me A Coffee but it gets complex with rewards and whatnot.

Also been looking at Podia Features to Help Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Product - Podia

But neither of these seems quite right? Maybe I’m just being too picky, but I don’t want another MakerSupport type issue.


SubscribeStar seems to be where those booted from Patreon have gone to, of which most are commentary (political) type content makers. That in itself shouldn’t be a reason to reject it as a option. https://www.subscribestar.com

It may or may not be right or TMRO. Anyhow, I still think you should have a simple snail mail option. Is there a PayPal option?


Another option would be to self host a sponsorship page and use paypal and cards etc to allow payment … not without it’s issues etc but i expect with some digging there would be some open source options to use as a jumping off point.


look into … donorbox.org


Because of all of the backlash, Jordan Peterson is apparently working on an alternative revenue system.

The only way to be mostly free from being removed due to pressure is to have your own processing software (like my company purchased, which means you don’t have to rely on PayPal or Stripe; but that’s freaking expensive I am told) meaning the last barrier would be for pressure to be put directly on high level companies like Vantiv or even the credit card companies themselves to stop accepting payments. Or to get on board with a service you know won’t cave to pressure because they aren’t part of Silicon Valley.

The CEO of Patreon profusely said in an interview that what happened to Sargon of Akkad would never happen. And lo and behold, it did (and what’s worse, it happened in direct violation of their own TOS. which just means those are worth a grain of salt). He also spoke of how the CEOs of Silicon Valley are all on apps like Telegraph talking to each other. If he was ever altruistic to his ideology that people would not be banned for content that wasn’t on Patreon, either he was lying or those other CEOs have recruited him. No one in that world can be trusted.

I agree that TMRO probably isn’t in that camp. Also, things like climate change are right up their alley; I don’t see TMRO getting in bad with Silicon Valley. But alternatives are good and so far it looks like SubscribeStar isn’t giving in.

Interview with Jack Conte of Patreon. I’m not sure of the timestamp. it’s been awhile since I’ve watched it.


Have you looked into YouTube channel membership?


@Bencredible @cariann @duta … check this out (when you have a chance) https://kit.com