Digging through the TMRO geological strata


I know this sounds obvious… but I just went to TMRO on YouTube, clicked away from Home to the Videos tab, to view all TMRO Videos, and was quite surprised to see a wealth of gold nuggets going back to Orbit 8. There were SpacePods from contributors I do not recall, the rare TMRO:Cities, other rare Gems hidden by time, and even whole strata of topics I do not recall. Wow… a great archaeological and geological “find” that will now require time to sift through and absorb!
Then I did the same for Space Vidcast, and found even more valuable ancient history to dig through.
Wow! Talk about digging for gold!
I suggest that some of this past history is well worth the time for citizens to re-watch, or at least to be aware of to watch on a rain day. Put on your prospecting hat and start!


Archive list

There’s a few spacepods they don’t make it into the main show. And a missing season five.


I’ve got that spreadsheet that I’d love to publish, but there’s a LOT of missing data, and I just don’t have time to fill it all in. What I was hoping to do, is link the episode to the after dark, and list each guest, and what the topic was.

Any takers for helping to populate? I’ll share it with you, and you can edit at will.