Considering changes to our Patreon tiers and rewards


Hello all,

We have been playing a bit with the show format to help fix some energy issues and keep it interesting throughout the hour. One of the changes we did was move our Citizen/Patreon slates to the bottom of each segment instead of the top. This creates a bit of a cluster at the end of the 3rd segment.

I was going to simply look at dropping Ground Support and moving ‘Suborbital’ pricing to $1.00 per show, but then I got to thinking that maybe it is time to look at our entire tier and reward system. Here’s what I’m thinking thus far:

  • We move to 3 tiers instead of 4. I think it will be easier for people to pick what makes sense to them and it makes a lot more sense in the show.

  • Ground Support will go away. Orbital will now cost $1.00/episode and all users in Ground Support will be upgraded to Orbital.

  • I think we need to re-think the rewards too. Patreon now has the ability to watch how long we have had members and reward them for supporting the show after X amount of time. Maybe we ship you a pin after 6 months or something similar. Poster?

  • I believe everyone likes having their name in the show. That should stay.

  • Thinking of a special Escape Velocity live channel that stays on the air for our post show review. They would be able to see us talk about the show, what went right, what went wrong. etc.

  • Maybe we do the same with After Dark? All Citizens get a different link that also allows them to watch After Dark live. It won’t be on Twitter/Periscope anymore or Facebook.

  • I need to do more Citizen hangouts. Monthly? Bi-Monthly?

What else would you like to see. What rewards would you enjoy getting for supporting the shows of TMRO?


Ground support here… I’m at $1.00 a month and can’t really go above that. I’m funding too many other shows to be able to. If the tier I’m in goes away… then what happens? I can’t imagine the system would change my pledge without my approval to $1.00 an episode… I’d be canceling immediately if it did. But if there is no tier for me… would my pledge stop? Or would I just no longer have my name in the show?

The way I see it… at about .25 an episode I’m funding the show at approximately 2,500 times greater an amount than if the show were on cable and I paid for a cable subscription. The crowd in crowd funding can only be such if the financial barrier to entry is as low as possible. That seems to be 1.00 a month… Which is still ridiculously high compared to the old methods…(cable subs and ads) but every effort should be made to allow any contribution no matter how small.

If my pledge gets changed to $1.00 an episode I will have to cancel.
If my pledge remains as it is but my name no longer appears in the show… I’ll be sad but keep my pledge going.
If my pledge gets canceled by your tier change I will not be renewing at the higher rate.


If you’re ground support now then your pledge remains the same but you’ll get the Suborbital reward tier. Basically suborbital becomes the new $1.00 tier. Orbital becomes the $2.50 tier. Escape Velocity may stay the same with epic new (and exclusive) rewards or drop to $5.00 with the same rewards. Undecided.


Although I’m a Patreon, I enjoy the Periscope feed as I like to watch ‘as-live’ from pre-show to after dark after the fact as a lot of the time I’m busy during show recording. I like to watch Periscope rather than the YouTube versions of show and after dark as I normally prefer the more human feel of the as-live version rather than the polished edited version on YouTube (which is also awesome btw).

Perhaps if Periscope goes away, an uncut YouTube version from start to finish could be posted to Patreon users instead? Saying that, one of the advantages of Periscope is it’s available immediately rather than having to wait until posting on YouTube, so perhaps keep the Periscope feed? Just my 2 cents.


This is a pretty interesting reward idea. Super easy for us to make that available on-demand and it is available immediately after the show, much like Periscope.



If it’s easy on your end and available same day as the live show then that seems like a good idea, since it would provide an additional Patreon reward for interested supporters and allows removal of the Periscope feed without losing access to the as-live feed.