Considering aggressive community moderation


There is a really a great article about online trolls here:

I’m not sure I agree with 100% of it, but I do agree with the fundamental idea that rather than just ignoring trolls we should boot them quickly. Don’t allow them to infect any of the parts of TMRO that make us great.

I think this goes to anyone who is coming in and trying to just create angst just for the sake of it. Debate is fine, so long as we’re only debating the idea. But as soon as the person stops listening to reason, they should get the boot.

We used to have the 5 rules of TMRO. I would like to work with the community to get that down to between 1 and 3 rules that we use across all of our sites. This will be the general guideline that all moderators will use to support the community of TMRO. I would also like to increase the number of moderators across all of our live chat rooms and communities. If you’re interested please let me know.



Agreed. Face to face conversations allow you to walk away from trolls. In this forum, the reverse seems to be the best translation: “allow” the trolls to walk away.


I don’t mind contrarians as long as they advance the conversation or argument. If they are just saying no or the opposite just to say it, then I don’t see the point. But I’m sure that is hard to moderate. But trolls? yeah, have to just ignore them, must not engage.


“Don’t be a dick” shall be Rule 1 & the whole of the law. Simplez.


I approve of community moderation. You may already be planning this, but I recommend that any rules you state should also include a) how someone can point out that the rules are being broken and b) the steps you’ll take when that happens. This comes up in code-of-conduct discussions a lot: a place like this is more welcoming when a new person knows that a) they know who to turn to and b) they know what that’ll lead to.

Yay community!


I had not really gotten that far, but it is great advise. Both what is expected of everyone as well as where to go when things get broken.

Extending that I think it should also be available in the description of the YouTube Live video and specific to that area. So you don’t have to go too far to understand what to expect.


I think the whole ‘don’t feed the trolls’ mentality has its roots in a purely technical problem.

If you don’t require a proof of identity of some kind, to join, you don’t really have a way to ‘boot’ the troll permanently. Community reporting is definitely helpful, but with a persistent enough troll it just turns into a game of whack-a-mole - as the troll can keep creating new accounts indefinitely.


Indeed without confirming a users true ID there is no way to prevent them from creating accounts. All that can be done would be to limit a users access on creating a new account for a fixed time or number of posts. But even that is not certain to discoruage them. Unfortunatly there are just some out there that get thier kicks from such behaviour and the Inernet gives them a space to behave as such with anonimity. That said I have noticed since I started watching TMRO at the begining of this year just how great the community is at ensuring that the chats run as cleanly as possible. Lets hope it continues on here.


Truly confirming ones identity is very complex though. I think for us simply making sure we clearly outline what is expected from all members of the community as well as what actions will be taken and who will take them when rules are violated will go a long way to ensuring this community stays awesome.

We don’t really have issues right now. But as we grow I want to be prepared and not get caught flat footed.


agreed, just don’t feed them, they can say a whole bunch of stuff but if ignored it really can’t be fun anymore. can it?? by that time the moderators has usually booted them anyway. I have to say I have been in toxic forums but even on its’ worse day TMRO doesn’t get that bad.


Lets hope it remains that way. :smile:


Disagreements are part of the way to advance knowledge… it needs to be distinguished from Trolling which in itself has several forms. mainly people who get a kick out of stating outrageous positions just to get a rise out of their victims thus gratifying themselves.

On the other hand, people who are too sensitive will accuse others of trolling just because their position is not agreed with. Thats where a WISE moderators need to step in.

Feeding/nonfeeding of trolls come from the times when you couldn’t kick the troll and in moderated and uncontrollable forum access.


Unfortunately, whack-a-mole needs to be played by many moderators…


Did you read the article?

I agree with the article. “dont feed the troll” is only necessary if you cant kick them. By ignoring them you are giving them permission to keep escalating their abuse.


I did, and what I’m saying is that within the the TMRO forum I have noticed that trolls really do leave pretty quickly if they are getting what they want. The only real considerations is whether you can take the abuse? if they are spewing some pretty serious stuff and everyone ignores it can the community handle it? Again, whatever TMRO is doing seems to work pretty well and I think they have a good level of moderation. they don’t tell people if they are factually wrong and warn those in the forum if they are tip toeing across the line. Everything I have seen looks reasonable.